How to Avoid Becoming the Victim of Car Theft


In 2019, around 721,885 cars were stolen in the U.S.

You likely know someone whose car has been broken into or have experienced it yourself. Because it’s so rife, you must take preventative measures to thwart thieves and protect your car. Perhaps you’re looking for inspiration but you’re unsure where to start.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s how to avoid becoming a victim of car theft.

Always Lock Your Doors

Although it sounds obvious, many car owners forget to lock their doors especially if they’re quickly popping into a store. Make sure your car locking system is in good working condition and you lock it all the time, even when you think you’re in a safe area.

Also, close your windows as a thief can easily slip their arm through the gap and get access to your vehicle.

Remove Your Keys from the Vehicle

A surefire way to prevent car theft is to remove your keys from the ignition. Otherwise, a thief can shatter your window and drive off. And never leave your car alone while running as it becomes an easy target.

Many people store a spare key in a box under their car or the glovebox so they’re not locked out. Avoid this because not accessing your vehicle is far less troublesome than getting it stolen.

Park in Well-Lit Areas

Aside from adding a robust car security system to your vehicle, make it a habit to park in well-lit areas.

You should also park in a well-trafficked area as thieves will be deterred if they know they can easily see. The goal is to create an environment where a burglar can’t break into your car without someone intervening.

Install an Alarm

Installing a car security system, like a Viper car alarm, will deter intruders. This is because the alarm emits a loud noise if someone tries to break into your vehicle. Hopefully, it will scare them off.

You can also invest in a GPS tracking system that will send an alert to your mobile devices. It’s useful because it gives you the exact location so the authorities can stop the thief.

Never Leave Valuables in Your Car

An easy way to attract thieves is to leave your purse or smartphone in a highly visible place. You must always bring high-value items with you or, if you must leave them behind, keep them in the trunk.

But make sure you do this before arriving at your destination, because thieves may be scoping the area and catch you doing this, putting you in a vulnerable position.

Install a Vehicle Immobilizer System

One of the best anti-theft devices is a vehicle immobilizer system. Many thieves hotwire cars but this will prevent it from happening.

You can find a product that has a smart key, kill switches, or a wireless ignition authentification so thieves can’t access your car. But hire a mechanic to fix this for you because it’s an intricate installation process.

If that’s too fancy, get a steering wheel lock so thieves can instantly tell that stealing your car will be impossible. You simply attach the lock to the steering wheel and you’re sorted!

Turn the Wheels Into a Curb

Don’t want to install an anti-theft system? Then the effective trick or turning your wheels into the curb or towards another vehicle.

Even if a thief manages to break into your car, it’ll be impossible to escape because they must straighten or maneuver your vehicle.

Try Security Window Etching

Security window etching is when your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) is inscribed onto the windshield and window. This is a 17 character serial number that is unique to your car.

VIN etchings are useful because the burglar must get the windshield and windows replaced, minimizing their profit if they resold it. Plus, VIN etching is affordable and many auto insurance companies offer discounts on their packages when you do this.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

If you can’t park in an illuminated area, then install motion sensor lights. It’s wise to get an LED security light that instantly lights up when they detect a burglar coming up your driveway or near the parking spot.

The illumination will alert you and your neighbors or scare the intruder off so they can’t break-in. Plus, it’s easier to record them committing the crime when they’re lit up.

Know How Carjackers Lure Their Victims

Nearly 92% of carjacking attempts happen when a person is alone in the car.

There are telltale signs of this like bumping into your vehicle, flashing their lights as if there’s something wrong with your car, and pretending they’re lost. In these scenarios, you will likely pull over and they may threaten you to exit your car or get in.

To avoid this, stay inside with your windows and door locked. If someone approaches you when you’re inside the car, start the engine or blow the horn so passersbys are aware. Note that if you feel threatened, call the authorities.

That’s How to Prevent Car Theft

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know how to prevent car theft.

Make sure you properly lock your doors, never keep your keys in the car, and park in illuminated areas. You should also install a security system and anti-theft devices like a steering wheel lock as it’ll deter thieves. And remember, if you’re threatened, then contact the local authorities for help. Good luck!

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