How to Get Wi-Fi in Your Car


90% of the adult population in America has access to the internet. Internet connectivity in the United States continues to experience steady growth over time, especially in the wake of fast and reliable Wi-Fi connections. Motorists are not being left behind in these emerging trends.

Imagine being able to access Wi-Fi connection on the go as you crisscross the city. Well, most cars manufactured before the year 1996 could not guarantee you this option. But today, there are Wi-Fi plans for cars with Wi-Fi that make traveling a whole load of fun.

Are you wondering how to get Wi-Fi in your car? Here for a simple guide on how to get portable Wi-Fi for your car.

Your Car Model Matters

With the growth in the rates of Wi-Fi connectivity, more manufacturers seem keen on introducing service-ready cars. These vehicles come already well-built with all the needed Wi-Fi equipment and inbuilt technology. For most cars designed after the turn of the millennium, you don’t have to worry about the need for any modifications.

But not all new vehicles have this option. If you want to enjoy the best Wi-Fi connection on the go, you may need to pay more attention to the model of the car you settle for. You can ask the sales professionals about such critical details before deciding on a specific model.

How to Get Wi-Fi Connection In You Car

You’ll not always be lucky when settling for a car with an inbuilt Wi-Fi system. If you already own a car and need to connect to the Wi-Fi, there are a few modifications that may be possible. Here are the options you may consider in such cases.

1. OBD II Devices

The OBD-II Wi-Fi devices are portable options that may be useful if you are looking to achieve more Wi-Fi connectivity. While this device is not as compact as a mobile phone, its way more convenient compared to built-in-routers. But for most users, this option provides more excellent connectivity and reliability than most other options do.

Depending on your dealer, you may incur $50 to $200 as the initial cost of installation. The fee may vary further depending on the device and the specs. You need to ensure that you compare the prices of all the services provided before committing.

For most service providers, a recurrent cost of about $20+ is accruable as a periodic cost. But with this option, you don’t need to incur additional charges as often when in use.

Are you wondering how to get Wi-Fi in your car and why it’s necessary?

The main advantage of having the OBD II Wi-Fi is that it’s easy to have a local Wi-Fi network. This means that you can easily have sustained cellular data access for more than three devices in your car at a go. You are also able to achieve diagnostic information on the functionality of the equipment through your smartphone.

Such options are relevant because they also ensure that you’re able to track your car in real-time. On top of having a Wi-Fi connection, you’ll also get to benefit from having real-time support on your car’s whereabouts at all times.

2. Installed Wireless Routers

The other option that’s available to you is the installation of a wireless modem. In other cases, you may also consider a wireless router. These two options function in almost the same way and may be used as probable solutions to your need for Wi-Fi in the car.

But for most people installing a wireless router is pretty expensive. With an initial price range of $200 to $600, which is often not inclusive of installation service, most people consider this option to be over the roof cost-wise. If you also think of the recurring costs of maintenance, then this option may require adequate financial preparation.

However, despite this high cost of initial installation, a wireless router is highly reliable. The option also introduces an aspect of permanency, which may reduce the possible risk of damage. Compared to the OBD II Wi-Fi, the actual speed and reliability of the cellular connection for wireless modems are way stronger and more reliable.

Depending on your service provider, you may also have the added advantage of USB and Ethernet ports when using the wireless modem or router.

3. Use Your Mobile W-Fi Hotspot

Most car users find it easy to use Wi-Fi hotspots from their phones. This option is not only cheap but also puts you in control of data usage. Using your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot spares you the additional costs of installation and recurrent expenditure of maintenance.

Your passengers can easily access the internet through a secure connection to your smartphone. When setting up the hotspot network on your car, you need to go settings, then configure the internet hotspot. With knowledge on how to activate hotspot when using your phone, your car will be bubbling with an unlimited Wi-Fi connection.

You’ll get to enjoy greater portability and ease of access when using your phone for hotspot. With a phone hotspot connection, you also don’t need to have your car engine on so that you can have a constant signal.

Further, having the same data plan for your car and your mobile phone reduces the cost of having to pay separate internet providers. With a mobile hotspot connection, you don’t ever need to experience compatibility concerns because most car models connect easily.

You also don’t have to waste significant time and energy, trying to find a car that has inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity.

Are you looking for information on how to utilize your smartphone hotspot option for your vehicle’s Wi-Fi? Visit; for all the answers you need.

However, it’s also agreeable that this option can drain your battery significantly over time. Considering that you may need to operate with the phone plugged on, your phone’s battery may get damaged soon.

You Can Now Enjoy Unlimited Wi-Fi Connection on the Go

The age of technology presents many new opportunities to connect and utilize fast internet connections. Imagine cruising away in a car that has an open Wi-Fi access option for more than two people. Well, this is no longer a pipe dream.

With the Wi-Fi connectivity options as outlined in this article, your passengers have no reason to be offline. This guide offers practical options on how to get Wi-Fi for your car.

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