How To Plan Your First ATV Outing


Men are not created to sit in front of a computer screen and stress about lines going up and down. Men are primitive animals, created to explore the world to its fullest. Some people love adventure more than others. If you love adventure and have always wanted to go on an ATV outing, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll learn how you can plan your first ATV outing. Every ATV adventurer should know about these tips because they are very helpful. Continue reading the article to know more.

Have A Plan: Before going outside, you must have a plan. Be sure to check the trails before you go out to know if your ATV is suitable for that terrain and if the ground clearance level is enough for you to drive smoothly. The time of the day and season matters a lot. At different times of the season, the trails might become difficult to drive through.

Have Proper Gear: It’s mandatory to wear proper gear when going on an ATV outing. If you get into an accident without proper gear, you might get severely injured. Having proper gear and supplies is necessary to make your outing a success. To make the most out of your ATV riding, have a helmet, riding jacket and pants, gloves, goggles, and off-road boots for better protection of your shoes. Wear in layers to make yourself warm in cold weather. Also, don’t forget to wear waterproof clothes because you never know when the climate can change.

Pack Up Emergency Kit: Just like having proper gear during the outing is necessary, an emergency kit is also necessary. If you get into an accident or get bruised during the outing, you can give yourself first aid immediately and reduce the risk of making it serious. You should never take any risk with cuts, bruises, or any injury; always give first aid as soon as possible. Some of the important things you should carry yourself with are bandages, medical tape, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, antibiotic creams, etc. They are very important items in a first aid kit.

Bring Cellphone: Some people want to go on an ATV outing without taking a cell phone with them because they want to stay out of the social world for some time and spend that time in peace. Well, it’s normal to think so, but carry a cell phone with you throughout the outing. A cellphone will help you know about the place, and you can get access to maps. If you get into any kind of danger, you can contact the cops. You can stay away from social life but still get help when needed.

Prepare Your ATV: The most important thing for your outing is your ATV itself. Make sure to check whether anything needs to be cleaned or replaced. If you haven’t bought an ATV yet, check out Power Lodge Brainerd to find the best ATV for you within your budget. Here’s a list of what needed to be checked on your ATV:

  • If the lights are working
  • Full fuel tank
  • Correct oil level
  • Check the brakes
  • Clean air filter
  • Nuts, bolts, and control levers are all tight
  • The chain and sprockets are clean
  • Check tire air pressure
  • Vehicle’s ground clearance for your trail
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