How to Prevent Collectables From Getting Sun Faded


Are you a collector of rare or valuable items? You’ve probably taken terrific measures to protect your precious metal or leather and wooden pieces. Not all collectibles can withstand sunlight.

The dark colors found on most collectibles enable them to absorb the sun’s heat. This is the reason why they become hot to the touch even when it’s not sunny outside.

To help you keep your precious pieces from being destroyed, here are some sun faded prevention tips you can do.

Consider the Display Location

It is important to make sure that they are out of direct sunlight in order to prevent sun fading. If they are not able to be placed in a room without much sun exposure, a way to mitigate sun exposure is to use blinds or blackout curtains to block direct sunlight. Another way of preventing sun fading, no matter the location, is to keep the collectibles organized and away from any windows.

Make sure that the display area is well-ventilated and cool since temperature and humidity can also cause sun damage to collectibles. The light levels remain low and consistent, and all pieces are deselected from the area when not being looked at.

Use UV-Blocking Glass or Acrylic

Not only does this block out the majority of the harmful UV rays, but it also reduces the fading caused by dust, dirt, and air pollution. To ensure that your items remain in pristine condition, use a glass with a special coating or a UV-blocking acrylic sheet like Plexiglas.

Both types are designed to let in a lot of light while protecting your items from harmful exposure. It’s important to note that if your items are going to be placed in direct sunlight, it is imperative that they be placed on an interior wall or inside a room away from the sun’s direct rays.

Consider Rotate Displays

This means rotating which collectibles are exposed directly to sunlight and replacing them with other pieces from the same collection. The exposure to sunlight should be limited to no more than a few hours a day. Displays should also be kept out of direct or strong indirect sunlight; if possible, place the displays near a window but use a curtain or a shear to filter sunlight.

Also, invest in ultraviolet-shielded glass cases for storage and exhibition to provide additional protection. Regular dusting also prevents the excessive buildup of dirt and dust, which can also cause UV damage to displays over time.

Utilize UV-Resistant Window Film

Conserving collectibles such as photographs, artwork, and books from sun-faded is an important yet difficult task. To avoid sun fading, it is important to keep collectables as far away from direct sunlight as possible. Homes or rooms that receive constant natural light may benefit from using UV-resistant window film.

Unlike traditional window tinting, UV-resistant film blocks the damaging ultraviolet radiation associated with sun fading. Installing filters can also be used to limit the amount of light entering a room. Llumar window films offer a variety of protective coverings and cases that can be used to keep valuable items from fading.

Sun Faded Protection For Your Collectables

With a bit of precaution and the right techniques, proper sun faded prevention for collectibles can be achieved. Taking care of your collectibles is a fun way to protect the memories or stories behind them. For these and many more reasons, take the necessary steps to keep your collection from being destroyed by the sun’s powerful rays.

Start preserving your memories today!

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