Mazdas: Perfect Combination of High Performance and Affordability


It’s easy to see a luxury car drive by and think you need a lot of money to get a car that drives so well, but thankfully that is not the case! Mazdas are specifically designed to foster a connection between the driver and the road, and you don’t need to shell out an arm and a leg to get one.

Mazdas are all built on the manufacturer’s principle known as “Jinba ittai,” a Japanese phrase translating to horse and rider as one. You can finance a Mazda today if you need a sedan, crossover SUV, or a little convertible — whatever you choose, you’re going to love the way your Mazda drives.

Read on to learn more about the technology packed in these vehicles that result in such a smooth ride.

i-Activ AWD

Mazda’s advanced All Wheel Drive (AWD) system known as i-Activ is a stunning technology that lets you drive confidently in any road conditions. It uses 27 sensors to scan the road no less than 200 times per second, so the vehicle itself can understand changing road conditions.

The system reacts right away, distributing power to each of the car’s wheels as needed. This way, the driver feels in control of their vehicle in any weather.

Not only does this technology keep you safe and in control, but the 2019 Mazda3’s i-Activ AWD is an especially efficient form of AWD. Power is distributed only at the very moment it’s needed, which improves the car’s fuel efficiency. AWD systems are known for consuming fuel, so Mazda engineers challenged themselves to create an AWD vehicle that bucked this trend, and succeeded.

Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture

Many of the new Mazdas have a dynamic drive thanks to the Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture, which involves a fully redesigned car. Everything from the chassis to the transmission and the engine and more has been re-tuned to be more responsive and efficient.

The result is a vehicle with outstanding fuel economy that you’ll simply love to drive.

G-Vectoring Control Plus

G-Vectoring Control Plus (GVCP) is the second technology in the Skyactiv Series. The first G-Vectoring Control was the world’s first system which varied engine torque in response to steering inputs.

GVCP does this too, but it also uses the brakes to add direct moment control and more handling stability. You’ll feel this system really work when you take turns smoothly, but you’ll also appreciate it when you need to make an evasive manoeuvre.

Mazda’s human-centered driving philosophy always makes the person behind the wheel the centre of the world. From the ever-popular Mazda3 and CX-5 Crossover SUV to the classic Miata sports car,

You’ll love driving any Mazda.

The cost of living is rising in cities around the globe — it’s great that there’s a car that is so much fun to drive offered at such an affordable rate. Come on down to your local Mazda dealership, and get a test drive today so you can feel it for yourself.

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