Mileage blockers for GMC


Mileage blockers, or mileage freezers, are small devices (microcomputers) installed behind a car’s dashboard. Particular make and model vehicles have special devices for electronically suspending the vehicle’s odometer.

For example, mileage blocker gmc is suitable for this manufacturer’s models.

Does mileage matter?

The main reason why mileage blockers arose is the mileage itself. Mileage is the distance a vehicle has travelled, measured in miles or kilometres. The odometer displays this distance. It is located on the dashboard together with the speedometer and tachometer. In the old models it was mechanical. Modern cars have digital versions.

Mileage plays an essential role for used car buyers when determining a vehicle’s lifespan or overall condition.

The seller also uses this data to determine the price of the car. Very high mileage may discourage customers. The vehicle’s low mileage indicates that it has not been used frequently, so the components have not suffered much wear and tear, and it will be a long time before they require replacement or repair. However, low mileage does not guarantee the complete serviceability of the car.

How do run blockers work?

Mileage blockers for GMC are innovative tools that stop the mileage recording process and prevent unnecessary miles from showing up on the odometer.

Freezers interrupt the signals that sensors send to vehicle computers that track mileage, which means that the numbers on the odometer do not increase.

Users can install the mileage freezer on CAN-bus or FlexRay communication protocol. User obtained the control over each set of data, e.g.:

  • speed of movement;
  • mileage data;
  • official information.

Users can modify this data to suit their needs or block it from being recorded.

Several sensors in the wheels and engine control unit (ECU) also monitor this information. Mileage blockers can prevent this information from being recorded.

Each car manufacturer develops its sensors and methods for tracking mileage, so mileage indicators for different cars also differ.

Most reliable correction tools

To completely stop mileage recording, the best solution is a mileage blocker. It prevents the recording and deletes information from all control units, making it impossible to track the car’s actual mileage.

The flawless operation of the module has won the trust of many drivers. That is why so many people today are increasingly interested in it.

Why all the fuss about mileage, you might wonder? Well, mileage refers to the distance a vehicle has traveled, usually measured in miles or kilometers, and is prominently displayed on the odometer, nestled alongside the speedometer and tachometer on your dashboard. While older models used mechanical odometers, modern cars boast digital versions.

For used car buyers, mileage is more than just a number; it’s a critical factor in determining the vehicle’s overall condition and estimated lifespan. Sellers also leverage this data to set prices, with excessively high mileage often deterring potential buyers.

Installation options for these blockers typically include compatibility with CAN-bus or FlexRay communication protocols, granting users control over various data sets, such as speed of movement, mileage data, and official information. Users have the flexibility to modify or block this data as needed.

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