Must See Places in Europe to Visit by Car


If you have the time, car, and the willingness to go on the road, then you should try to embark on a road trip in Europe. This is because the most relaxed way to see the continent is at the comfort of your own car. From the dungeons of Dracula’s castle in Transylvania to the sunny beaches of Portugal, Europe has got you all covered. That is why in this article, we are going to list down the glamorous European travel destinations that you can visit by car. 

Dalmatian Coast in Croatia

This place is considered to be Europe’s most beautiful stretch of coastline. Thanks to its hidden coves, olive groves, and the glistening view of the Adriatic Ocean. Here you can explore several islands even by car because there are ferries that are ready to carry your car over from the island to the island. Not only that, but this place also has fantastic rental accommodations that will fit every budget, as well as gorgeous lakes, national parks, and ancient towns. 

Autobahn in Germany

Car lovers and enthusiasts visit this place every year to experience some of the world’s fastest motorways. Autobahn in Germany is a national controlled-access highway system about 13 kilometers long, which makes it one of the world’s longest motorways. Nearly half of autobahn is speed limit free, where only a suggested limit of 130kms/hr is advised. If you do not have a car that can go fast enough, you can rent cars there, such as the latest BMW.  This place reminds people that sometimes, you do not need a destination to go on the road. 

Lake District in northern England

This is a national park that encompasses some of the best sceneries in England. This is because here in Lake District, you will be able to see blue lakes, quaint settlements, pristine countryside, and fertile farmlands. Every year, this place has 23 million visitors. While you’re here, you can have a picnic, stroll around, or ride a bicycle while you’re swooning over the picturesque view all around you. 

Amalfi Coast in Italy

This place is situated on Italy’s rugged coastline. It is known for medieval cliff-side fishing villages, lemon groves, and agritourism, making it one of the world’s beloved road trips. Amalfi Coast is also hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the stunning Mediterranean landscapes. Even if the drive here can be pretty challenging, the scenery is rewarding. If you plan to go here, we suggest that you start in Salerno then meander your way through Ravello, Positano, Minori & Maiori, then the island of Capri before you finish up in Sorrento. 

Romantic Road in Germany

This place was initially traveled by the Romans 2,000 years ago. This is because it is a historic trade route through Bavaria located in south-central Germany. When you arrive here, you will feel like you’re in a storybook that stepped back in time. This is because you will see red-roofed villages along with lush green sceneries, typical wineries, Baroque churches, as well as medieval cobblestone streets, and fairy-tale castles. 

Atlantic Road in Norway

This road offers you the view of Norway’s flawless forests, majestic mountain ranges, towering waterfalls, as well as 10,000-year-old fjords. Not only that, the air here is incredibly fresh, and the short summer season can’t be beaten. If you plan to go here, we suggest taking your car to Bergen and head north. Go to Trondheim so you could drive through the world’s longest road tunnel. After that, you will pass fast-flowing white-water rivers as well as ancient glaciers. In Norway, a law permits camping in any public space, which means that you can drive and rest wherever you want. 

North Coast 500 in Scotland

The name of this place may sound like a name for a stock-car race, but you might want to drive slow here to be able to savor the passage that was built through the highlands. Here you will be able to navigate between mammoth hills of weather-beaten grasses, empty beaches, and sand dunes. You will be able to see the most picturesque Scotting wilderness and work your way around the entire northern tip of the country.

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