North Carolina Trucking Laws


North Carolina has strict regulations on the trucking business. The licensing of drivers, the amount of sleep required before driving, and even how businesses are required to maintain and check their trucks are all governed by federal and North Carolina Trucking Laws. As a result, numerous federal and state rules may apply when a trucking accident occurs.

What Are the Requirements for Commercial Truck Inspection?

Qualified inspectors are required to check a commercial truck at least once a year in accordance with federal requirements set forth by the FMCSA. These inspections cover important truck systems like coupling devices, steering, brakes, tires, and many other safety-related components. Drivers and trucking firms are responsible for maintaining the highways’ safety by assessing these systems and abiding by North Carolina’s transportation rules.

Inspectors can’t possibly capture everything, though. Between inspections, wear and tear can lead to issues. Therefore, both trucking businesses and drivers must keep a close eye on their fleets while on the road. Maintenance problems with trucks might result in accidents if not inspected and handled properly.

What Are the Licensing and Safety Requirements for Commercial Truck Drivers?

The federal and North Carolina governments have strict commercial truck driver licensing rules, including vehicle types and service hours restrictions. In North Carolina, drivers can obtain Commercial Class A, B, or C licenses, depending on their weight and cargo. Special CDL endorsements are required for hazardous materials and passenger transport, ensuring only trained drivers are on the road.

Liability And Damages

An injured person can only recover damages from a truck driver or trucking company if the driver or company was at fault for the accident and negligent in causing it. North Carolina still recognizes the common law rule of contributory negligence, which states that if the injured party contributes to the collision by just 1%, they cannot recover at all.

The injured individual shall be entitled to compensation for any losses expressly attributable to the truck driver’s fault, even if the exemption or the contributory negligence rule do not apply. The goal of personal injury damages is to make the wounded party whole, but the legal system does its best to make up for the loss by providing monetary compensation. All such losses may be the responsibility of the negligent truck driver, their employer, insurance provider, or other liable party.

Consult A North Carolina Truck Accident Attorney Right Away

Speak with a lawyer if you’ve been hurt in a truck accident. You might think about seeking the assistance of a committed lawyer who is aware of the complexity of a truck accident and has the resources to look into these challenging instances. A lawyer specializing in truck accidents can provide valuable guidance and help you navigate the legal process. They can assess the extent of your injuries, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and fight for your rights to ensure you receive fair compensation for your damages.


A legal claim may be viable in a commercial truck accident, depending on who was at fault. The monetary value depends on injuries and recoverable damages. An experienced attorney can help navigate the situation and recover damages if the accident is someone else’s fault.

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