Pros And Cons Of Buying A Used UTV


Purchasing a used UTV can be a great way to get an off-road vehicle at a lower price point. However, buying used also comes with some drawbacks and risks. Looking at the key pros and cons helps determine if buying a pre-owned UTV is the right choice instead of buying a new one.

Pros Of Buying A Used UTV:

Cheaper Upfront Cost Compared To New

The most obvious advantage of a used UTV is the lower purchase price, often thousands less than a new one. As with any vehicle, UTVs depreciate significantly in the first few years. Letting someone else take the depreciation hit and then buying used saves money. Inspecting thoroughly and getting a pre-purchase inspection guard against buying a lemon. But when shopping smart, used UTVs offer big savings over new ones.

Wider Selection Of Models And Features

Used UTVs come in many more variations than a dealer’s limited new inventory. Finding a specific color scheme, engine size, seating configuration, and other desired features is easier with a used UTV marketplace. Prospective buyers can cherry-pick the perfect combination of abilities and accessories tailored to their needs. Used offers freedom to hand select just the right UTV.

May Still Qualify For Financing Options

While used vehicles often can’t get 0% financing typical with new vehicles, financing options still exist. Many lenders offer competitive financing for used UTVs. This opens up purchasing a used UTV to buyers unable to pay full cash upfront. Just be sure to assess repayment terms and interest rates carefully before committing.

Cons Of Buying A Used UTV:

No Warranty Protection

Unlike new UTVs backed by manufacturer warranties, used models carry no warranty support. Any covered repairs or replacement parts are the owner’s responsibility. Extended warranty plans can offer some protection. But unforeseen problems or defects in used UTVs entail paying potentially expensive repair bills.

Murkier Service History

A new UTV comes with full-service records from the selling dealer. The history of a used UTV is uncertain. Some sellers provide records, but service gaps or issues may be present. Without a complete picture of servicing and repairs done, it’s harder to gauge the true condition. Thorough inspections help, but the full history is a question mark.

Reliability Questions

Even well-maintained UTVs show signs of wear and tear over time. Seal leaks, oil consumption, and deteriorated parts manifest over years of use. Pre-purchase inspections identify issues needing repair. But even then, used UTVs may develop problems sooner than newer models. Their reliability is less certain, especially for older or heavily used units. For those wanting trusted dealers like Power Lodge Onamia provide far greater confidence over random private sellers.

Aftermarket Customizations Can Lower Resale Value

Many used UTV owners customize their machines with aftermarket parts like lift kits and upgraded wheels. But non-stock customizations actually lower resale value for subsequent buyers who may not appreciate the add-ons. Aftermarket parts also raise questions about their installation quality. Stock machines tend to retain value better.

To Wrap Up

Used UTVs offer some great benefits, especially for value-focused shoppers. But the risks of no warranty, unknown histories, high mileage wear, and previous customizations counterbalance the savings. Weighing your budget, repair capabilities, and desired model availability helps determine if used or new is the smarter choice. A carefully considered used UTV purchase can yield years of off-road enjoyment at an affordable price point.

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