Pros and Cons of Driving a Compact Car


Compact cars have become extremely popular in recent years, particularly in towns and cities. Offering a totally different driving experience to what you get with hatchbacks or saloons, these tiny cars often feature a huge personality.

Here, we’ll look at some of the main pros and cons of driving a compact car to help you decide whether or not it’s the ideal option for you.

Pros of compact cars

There’s a lot of reasons compact cars have become so popular. Just some of the main pros of driving one include:

  • Easy to park
  • Cheap to run
  • Eco friendly
  • Great resale value

Due to their small size, compact cars are much easier to park than standard size models. They can fit into much smaller spaces too, making it quicker and easier to park than ever before. Their fuel efficiency is also pretty impressive. Not only are these cars cheaper to run, but they’re also better for the environment too.

You’ll typically find compact cars, such as the Fiat 500, are cheaper to lease and buy too. You can pick them up at affordable prices from companies such as ZenAuto. Not only that, but they have a great resale value. So, if you do decide to buy, you’ll be able to get close to what you paid for the car.

The cons

While there’s a lot of pros of choosing a compact car, there’s also a few downsides. These include:

  • Not overly fast
  • Limited space
  • Harder for other vehicles to spot

If you like your cars to be fast and powerful, a compact car probably isn’t for you. While they’re not exactly slow, these smaller models don’t match standard size vehicles in terms of performance and speed.

There’s also limited space inside these compact cars. So, if you have a large family, you’re going to struggle to fit everything in the boot. Finally, you do need to be more wary when driving a compact car. This is because other vehicles such as trucks, find them much more difficult to spot on the roads.

As you can see, there’s pros and cons of driving a compact car. The above are some of the main ones to consider before deciding whether or not a compact car is right for you. If you’re looking for a car you can easily drive in towns or cities, a compact car could definitely be the right option.

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