Reasons To Buy A Second-Hand Car


If you are thinking about buying a car but don’t have enough budget, why don’t you buy a second-hand car? Second-hand cars are a much better choice when you want to save money.  Here in this article, you’ll learn some of the reasons why second-hand cars are a much better choice than buying a new car.

Affordable: Second-hand cars are almost 30-40% cheaper than the price of a new car. The price of a car starts to fall as soon as someone buys the car and it leaves the dealership. At that moment. 25% of the car value got depreciated. Even if the owner wants to sell the car after a week, he won’t get more than 70% price of the car. All of the loss in value of a car is because of depreciation. For example, if you want to buy a car named X, the price is $100,000, but you’ve found someone willing to sell their one-year-old X car. In the period of one year, the value of that car got really depreciated, and now you will be able to buy the second-hand X car for approximately $60,000-$70,000. If the car is in very good condition, the highest price payable for it will be $80,000. Isn’t it affordable?

Less Vehicle Depreciation: As mentioned earlier, as soon as the new car leaves the dealership, its value starts to depreciate. But if you buy a car whose value is already depreciated, your car’s value will depreciate slowly rather than a new car’s speed of depreciation. This time, the depreciation is happening slowly because its value has already depreciated. The second-hand car you will buy won’t face much depreciation compared to the new car you will buy.

Lower Insurance Costs: Yes, the insurance cost for your second-hand car will be lower than that of a new car. It will happen because the value of your car has already depreciated. After all, it’s a used car. The insurance cost of a newer vehicle is much more than that of a used second-hand vehicle. Always make sure to compare rates before getting insurance for your second-hand car. There are many companies out there that are charging more than the average insurance cost.

Spare Parts Are Available: Another advantage of buying a second-hand car is that the parts are already available in the market. Suppose you bought a new car and something happened to it, you sent it for repair, but it can’t be fixed with legit spare parts because the car’s new to the market and not many parts are available. That’s why it’s better to buy a second-hand car, as you can send your car for repair without any worry.

Peace Of Mind: Last but not least, you’ll get more peace of mind by buying a second-hand car. Before buying the car, you can check reviews of the car online and check about its performance and other important details, like what’s mileage, maintenance cost, etc. You may certainly check out the features of a new car before purchasing a pre-owned car. For example, check here the new Volkswagen cars for sale. Also, when you buy a second-hand car from a certified dealership, you can buy a car without worry because before buying a car, a dealership always checks it perfectly to know if there’s any dispute with the car.

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