Revving Up the Bets: The Best Motorsport Markets


Motorsports can be incredible for viewers. Whether it’s the high-octane Formula 1 with its strategic pitting and outrageously fast-paced overtakes or the very best motorbike competitors going around a circuit, there’s a lot to like. We assess some of the best wagers within contemporary motorsports.

Formula 1 – What Can’t You Bet On?

Motorsports’ favourite son is most likely to be Formula 1. It has a global appeal as the calendar season visits multiple countries and is arguably the fastest motorsport on the planet. So, what markets are available to Formula 1 fans? A lot. Seriously, bettors visiting gambling platforms and selecting their Formula 1 offerings will enjoy browsing a wealth of selections – to rival soccer or NFL assets. Outright race winners, podium finishes, fastest lap, what the winning margin will be, it’s all there. On average each season will have about 20 races, meaning there’s a lot of opportunity to wager on the sport.

In 2023, as Red Bull and Max Verstappen are running away with the championships you can even bet on the results without them as contenders. However, you don’t have to concern yourself with these two if you don’t want to. There are lots of other markets like predicting the last car to finish, whether or not there will be a Red Flag or even if a Safety Car will be deployed. So even if you can’t bear to see the Dutchman win another race, you can still make money from other aspects of the race.

NASCAR and IndyCar – the American Alternatives

If you like motorsports but are based in the United States, you’re likely keen on NASCAR. Each race has markets like predicting the race winner, top finishes and the winning manufacturer. Given that the sport is more popular in the US you can expect more markets to be available on American sportsbook operators. Given that NASCAR tends to be a lot more competitive than the contemporary F1 season, you can usually get good odds on predicting an overall NASCAR Cup Series Championship.

IndyCar is the other American motorsports option, with the vehicles closely resembling F1 cars. Just like NASCAR, the best top sportsbook platforms will offer markets on bets like the race winner, overall series winner and fastest lap. The latter is one of the most exciting with the focus of the sport being all about straight-line speed.

MotoGP – Predicting the Two-Wheeled Winners

Racing cars are great but it could be that you prefer watching and gambling on two-wheeled motorsports. MotoGP (as well as Moto2, Moto3, World Superbikes and British Superbikes) are all great examples of motorbike racing. These are typically the most followed and readily available competitions to bet on. However, it is one of the emerging markets as bettors can usually only wager on the overall race or championship winner.

Speedway Racing Betting

Speedway Racing might be one of the more specialist interest motorsports but has a decent portfolio of betting options. If you didn’t know Speedway Racing is a motorsport contested on a single-gear motorbike around a relatively short track. Multiple laps are completed in a contest with the focus being on how well the driver can control the car. It’s massive in Poland and other European countries as they’ve produced a lot of successful drivers in the past. Betting platforms like Bet365 offer no shortage of available markets on Speedway Racing events either on single race winners or overall championship victors. Bartosz Zmarzlik wins a lot of races these days, so don’t expect to get very profitable odds if you intend to bet on him to win.

Virtual Racing Competitions

Betting on real-world racing is often everybody’s first option but there are some instances when you could turn to virtual racing. After all, motor racing events are typically large-scale productions which require a lot of planning. Therefore, there aren’t always races on at every hour of the day – unlike say, soccer which there’s usually a live match to bet on at any time.

This is when virtual racing competitions come into play. Some of the best sportsbook operators host virtual events including digitized versions of your favourite motorsports. This means that you can bet on some racing, even if there isn’t a real-world race taking place. if you’re interested in betting on motor sports, click here for great offshore betting site options that are regulated and legal.

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