The Benefits of Having an Audi Extended Warranty


When the standard factory warranty of your vehicle expires, you can lengthen the warranty contract by purchasing the extended warranty plan. This extended warranty coverage is also known as a service contract. Audi offers three different VSP (Vehicle Service Protection) plans for its valuable customers. These Vehicle Service Protection plans come to play where the standard power train or bumper-to-bumper warranty expires. Regular expenses are never a worry for Audi or any other car owners.

However, unexpected repair costs seem a sudden burden. That’s why Audi has started to offer Vehicle Service Protection plans to protect its users from unexpected repair and maintenance costs. In this article, we will let you through Audi’s extended warranty coverage plans and the components and systems covered by it.

Audi’s Extended Warranty: An Overview

If we talk in general, Audi’s extended warranty covers more than the standard bumper-to-bumper and power train warranty. On the other hand, Audi’s extended warranty provides more comprehensive services than most manufacturers’ warranties. The extended warranty coverage offers services for up to 10 years or over 1.2 lac miles. Most of the mechanical components, systems, parts, repairs, and labor are covered in this extended warranty. However, coverage also depends upon the plan you choose.

It is recommended to contact the dealership before purchasing warranty coverage for your Audi. Because all the models are not eligible for the warranty. So, you have to know about the limitations and restrictions of the contracts before purchasing. Audi’s Vehicle Service Protection is helpful for regular repairs after the expiry of the standard factory warranty. For more information, you may proceed to 2017 Audi warranty.

What does Audi Extended Warranty Cover?

The three major extended warranty plans that Audi offers are platinum, gold, and power train. The power train warranty plan is the lowest level of protection for Audi car owners. It includes protecting expenses against repairing the engine, transmission, and a few hybrid or electrical parts.

Gold warranty plan is the 2nd level protection for Audi car owners. Whoever purchases this protection will not be charged for the repairs and maintenance of the power train, climate control, rear, and front suspension, fuel components, and some other electrical or hybrid systems and components.

Platinum tier coverage plan offers the most benefits for the consumers. This level of protection excludes some components and systems. Other than that, everything is fully covered and protected. It is important to note that the mechanical failures that occurred by vandalism, collision, accident, or climate conditions are not covered by the platinum plan. Moreover, components or systems covered by the manufacturer’s warranty are also excluded from the extended warranty plan. In addition, mechanical breakdowns that occurred due to poor or lack of maintenance are not covered by the platinum tier extended warranty coverage plan.

Audi’s Extended Warranty: Worth it or Not?

If you want to pay a little extra for the coverage and protection of your Audi, or you want to have complete peace of mind during your road trips, then you should go for extended warranty coverage. However, people have mixed opinions about the Audi Vehicle Service Protection plans and the service contract. It’s on you and your personal finance; if your budget is flexible, you should go for a platinum plan.

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