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The Best RV Destinations in the United States


The United States is a big country that is composed of connecting states. While a lot of people prefer to fly on planes to go from one state to another since flying is faster than any other mode of transportation, there are some that actually enjoy the long journey by taking a road trip through different roads and routes in the country.

In order for you to have a hassle-free journey that saves time, money, and effort, you would need to have a recreational vehicle or RV, which is not just an ordinary car since it also has a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and almost everything you need to have a comfortable temporary home while on the road.

If you already have an RV, then you may want to check out some of the best destinations in the US where you can take your RV for a ride. Here are the best RV destinations in the United States.

Zion River Resort (Virgin, Utah)

Zion National Park in Utah

First on the list is the Zion River Resort, which is located near the famous Zion National Park in Virgin, Utah. Besides being near a popular tourist spot, the Zion River Resort also has RV hookups that can recharge the battery or generator of your RV. Zion River Resort also has free Wi-Fi if your RV doesn’t have an internet connection or if its connection is slow in the area. However, the best reason why Zion River Resort is one of the best RV destinations in the US is that it offers some of the most beautiful views you can find in the country.

Sun Outdoors Petoskey Bay Harbor (Petoskey, Michigan)

Another RV park you can visit is the Sun Outdoors Petoskey Bay Harbor in Petoskey, Michigan. This RV park has tennis courts, a temperature-controlled pool, and a spa. In addition, there are also lodges that you can avail of inside the RV park if you intend to stay in the area for days or weeks.

This RV park is perfect for RV owners or drivers that have friends or family members with them for the road trip, as the park has amenities that groups of people can enjoy. Much like the Zion River Resort, the Sun Outdoors Petoskey Bay Harbor RV park has free Wi-Fi.

Lake Placid/Whiteface Mountain KOA (Wilmington, New York)

If you are currently living in New York, one of the nearest RV parks that you can visit is Lake Place/Whiteface Mountain KOA, which is located in Wilmington. This specific RV park is owned and operated by KOA (Kampgrounds of America), a private company that owns more than 500 campgrounds and RV parks in the United States and Canada.

Besides having the usual amenities and perks you will find in RV parks, like free Wi-Fi, tent sites, and hiking sites, the KOA RV park also has deluxe cabins with full baths, group meeting facilities, a fishing site, a dog park, and other attractions.

Schoodic Woods Campground (Winter Harbor, Maine)

The Schoodic Woods Campground is a camping ground that is located within the Schoodic Peninsula in Winter Harbor, Maine. In addition to RV hookups, the Schoodic Woods Campground also has fire rings and picnic tables available for all drive-in RV sites in the area. However, be sure to bring grills and other cooking tools and appliances with you if you plan to have a BBQ or a cookout with your road trip companions.

There are also restrooms in the RV sites, although there are no showers. The Schoodic Woods Campground is arguably one of the simplest camping grounds that you can visit in Maine, and it is also one of the quietest since there are only a few groups of people that camp in this area compared to the other locations we have mentioned above.

Salt Creek Recreation Area & Campground (Port Angeles, Washington)

One of the most beautiful RV camping grounds in the United States is the Salt Creek Recreation Area & Campground in Port Angeles, Washington. This camping ground offers a different view from the ones we have already mentioned in this article, the Salt Creek Campground is situated on a rocky bluff that overlooks the waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

So, if you want a different view from the usual forests, mountains, and hills or popular campgrounds, you should definitely visit the Salt Creek Recreation Area & Campground. Because of how near it is to a large body of water, the campground offers surfing, kayaking, and other water-related activities. You can also go hiking and biking in specific spots within the campground.

These are just some of the best RV destinations that we can recommend if you want to go on a road trip in the United States. You can visit all of these destinations in just a few weeks or a month so that your road trip with friends and family members will be longer, more enjoyable, and more memorable.

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