Tips on Winterizing Your New Motorcycle


If you want to keep your motorcycle in perfect shape for the longest amount of time, then it is essential that you do a bit of prep work each year before you put it into storage for the winter. Not only will the proper winterizing ensure it does not deteriorate, but it will also save you money by cutting down on maintenance costs associated with damage from improper storage. And when the winter is gone and it is time to get your motorcycle out again, you may have to drain out the old gas. A lot of things are associated with it. But I suggest draining out the old gas to stay on the safe side.

Buying a Motorcycle

If you’re planning to buy the motorcycle of your dreams, you want to ensure it will not require repairs due to a lack of proper care. If you haven’t owned a bike before, you’re going to want to find a mechanic or knowledgeable friend who can help you to determine whether you’re getting a fair deal or not.

Tips to Prepare for Winter

Once you’ve purchased your motorcycle, you’ll likely be eager to get riding. But if the first frost has already arrived, you need to limit your use as much as possible. If winter is in full effect and you’ve purchased your motorcycle a long distance from where you plan to have it stored, you might want to transport it on a trailer.

Gas Up and Add Fuel Stabilizer

Before you begin the process of winterizing your motorcycle, you’ll need to warm up the engine, and the best way to do this is to take one last ride of the year. The reason for this is that it allows you to top up your gas tank with a fuel stabilizer to protect your carbs and injectors. It also helps prepare the engine for changing the oil and filter.

Oil Change and New Filter

It is essential that you change the oil in your motorcycle before storing it each year to ensure that the old oil doesn’t cause any corrosion. You’ll also want to replace the oil filter. Along with replacing your oil and filter, this is a good time to check your coolant levels.

Protect Your Battery

In cold weather, batteries will drain faster. You don’t want to find that you have a dead battery on the first nice day of spring. To prevent a dead battery, you can remove it or use an automatic battery charger to keep it fresh.

Protecting with Lube

You need to protect various components of your motorcycle with lubricant to ensure they don’t rust through the winter. Spray some lube down your spark plug hole to protect your rings and cylinder.

If your motorcycle contains throttle or clutch cables, you can protect them by spraying the cable housing. You should also clean and lubricate your chain.

Protect Your Muffler

Be sure to cover your muffler to prevent mice or other vermin from making a home in there. After that, you can ensure your motorcycle is stored in a safe place where there is no risk of theft and cover it.

The process of winterization may seem like a bit of a chore, but you’ll thank yourself later when the spring comes, and you haven’t carelessly let your new motorcycle suffer any damage. Taking these steps to properly maintain your vehicle will ensure that it lasts as long as possible in good shape.


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