Top 7 Ford Favorites: All Time Bestsellers


Best Ford Cars of All Time

Ford has made some incredible vehicles throughout history, including the Model T. Discover the best Ford cars in this brief list.

Henry Ford came up with his first motorized vehicle in his garage in 1896. He was an engineer for Detroit’s Edison Illuminating Company at the time. He called it the Quadricycle.

By 1903, he incorporated the Ford Motor Company. A month later, the first cars were assembled. It was just a few cars per day by hand and the best Ford cars were yet to come but they were on their way.

In 1908, Ford launched the “Tin Lizzie,” or Model-T, the first well-running, affordable, dependable car for the people. He started mass production with interchangeable parts and the first moving assembly line in 1913.

In 1914, Ford even upped the day wage to $5 to motivate workers and increase efficiency. It all worked, and the Ford Motor Company grew and went on to make some of our favorite cars, including the Model T.

Keep reading to see our picks of some of the best Ford cars of all time and see what you think.

Ford Model T

Yeah, yeah, we know this car is hardly the best in today’s standards, especially with all the auto innovations we’re seeing. But back in the day, this car was it: innovative, popular, and a total bestseller. And it had longevity.

The Ford Motor Company produced and sold the Tin Lizzie from 1908 through 1927. That’s 20 years of success with 16.5 million sales. After being on the market for 10 years, half of the cars on the street in America were Model Ts. It’s hands down the most successful car ever made if you look at its success in the market.

F-Series Trucks

Okay, we said cars but we what we really mean here is vehicles because we can’t look at the most popular Ford cars without looking at the F-Series Trucks. These are by far Ford’s bestselling car.

So, yeah, this is a pickup truck line that hit the market in 1948. They launched with the F1, a half-ton truck, and the F8, a three-ton truck. Since then, over 40 million F-Series trucks have sold.

Right now, F-150s are flying out the door across America. Also wildly popular are chassis cabs, as well as F-350s and F-250s.

The SVT Raptor also makes it on our list of top Fords. It’s said to be a super profitable build, which is probably why it came back on the market in 2016 with a boost of power and a ten-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Mustang

This one may not be the Ford best selling car of all time, but it’s the epitome of muscle cool. Think iconic Americana. Think baseball. Think apple pie. Think traveling Route 66.

And actually, it’s sold a lot too! Ford launched the Mustang in 1964. By 1968, it sold over 2 million, and by 1973, 3 million were out the door and on the highway. Recent sales numbers top 9 million in total.

So, yeah, Mustang mayhem continues. And it’s a great Ford if you’re looking for a fast, hip ride, always reliable, thanks to the Ford brand. You can check out what’s new and other used options at this Ford dealership if you want. C’mon, just for fun. You know you want to. Well, at least, we do!

Ford Thunderbird

This one is on our list for those of you collectors. Launched at the Detroit Auto Show in 1954, Ford meant to sell only 10,000. But demand changed that. In 1955, Ford sold over 16,000. It stayed on the market through 1957

The Ford Thunderbird was a two-seater built for comfort over speed. It was Ford’s foray into the personal luxury market. People imported European sports cars at the time, and Ford built a market to compete. It had a V8 engine and could go up to about 120 mph.

Ford Explorer

This SUV launched in 1990. It’s sold upwards of 7 million. Sales increased after 2011 when Ford moved to a truck build.

Ford Escort

Unexpected? Yes. In the U.S., it was one of those boring cars. But we include the Escort here because it was wildly popular in Europe and is one of Ford’s overall best sellers. Launched in 1968 at the Brussels Motor Show and on the marked until 2002, 18 million were sold outside the U.S., and about another million on its home turf. It was the passenger vehicle smash hit. Most of its popularity was in the U.K.

It also was a very well-loved rally car. The Ford team was super successful, almost unbeatable, into the 70s.

The Escort was Ford’s first foray into using its rack-and-pinion steering system. Today, car enthusiasts are still going for the Escort. They typically take the first generation model and mod it up for an excellent upgrade.

Ford GT

Okay, we wanted to get some speed in here! Henry Ford’s grandson, Henry Ford II, wanted to beat out Ferrari at the races. He’d had a fight with Enzo Ferrari in 1963. Ford was going to buy Ferrari but wasn’t going to let Ferrari race against them at the Indy 500. Ferrari backed out. Ford built the GT40 and won Le Mans from 1966 to 1969 four times.

GT stands for Grand Touring and 40 is the car’s height in inches. The racing car inspired the Ford GT.

The Best Ford Cars of All Time

Now that you’ve seen our list of the best Ford cars of all time, do you agree? What is your favorite Ford?

Maybe you already have one or are considering a current model. Maybe you’re thinking of getting a classic. Or maybe you want to sell your Ford and are curious about the value of your vehicle. Whatever it is, with Ford’s history of success, you’re in good hands.

And if you want to stay on top of your car game, read these tips to keep your vehicle on top.

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