Turning Clunkers Into Cash: Selling Junk RVs for Cash in Texas


There will come a time when your RV has outlived its usefulness. Older rigs are notorious for costly repairs that far outweigh their retail value. The years of use on dusty Texas roads, less-than-kind off-the-beaten paths, and even the sun and rain beating down on paper-thin camper roofs can take their toll. Once the repairs begin to add up, you may start to look at your RV as if it’s valueless junk.

Most rig owners will eventually need to junk RVs for cash in Texas. There are a few different strategies to do so. Which method works for you will depend on what your priorities are.

Best Ways to Sell Your Junk RV in Texas

Depending on how junky your junk RV is will determine the best way to sell it to receive the maximum of its value. And yes, even the most beat-up, run-down rigs do have value. Although the general motorhome crowd is more interested in new or almost new rigs, there is a demand for older rigs, despite the 10-year rule.

To get a ballpark estimate of what yours may be worth, you can figure out its current value by using the National Automobile Dealers Associations value calculator for RVs. Once armed with this information, you’ll have a good idea of how much you can get for it.

Private Sale

Junk RV owners who have time to spare and want to get top value for theirs can test the waters and fish for a private sale. You can go old-school and plop a for-sale sign on the dashboard, but a better strategy is to post photos and details on social media platforms. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are free to advertise your rig for sale.

It’s beneficial to try and hit your target audience and the use of hashtags can help. However, locating interested buyers could be time-consuming. You’ll also have to spend the time meeting with interested parties who will most likely want to haggle over your asking price.

RV Dealership

If your RV has hit the category of junk due to a necessary and costly repair that’s beyond your budget, you can offer it up for sale to an RV dealership. If it still looks good and doesn’t have any visible body damage, dealerships may be interested in taking it off your hands. Most are always looking for new inventory, something to attract buyers onto their lot.

Dealerships who purchase used RVs may buy yours outright or offer some type of a consignment arrangement. Either way, you won’t have the trouble of advertising it yourself and vetting buyers. However, RV dealerships are looking to make a profit, so you may not get as much for it as you’d like, but they are convenient to sell to.

Specialized RV Dealer

A smart alternative to selling your junk RV to a private buyer or an RV dealership is to sell it to a specialized RV dealer. These businesses specialize in purchasing hard-to-sell rigs, even those that have water damage, excessive mileage, and other undesirable conditions. Most will tow it for free, and handle all of the necessary paperwork.

Specialized junk RV dealers will buy yours even if it has a salvage or rebuilt title. Most private buyers won’t touch rigs unless they have a clean title. If yours isn’t exactly clean, selling it to a specialized dealer offers a no-hassle transaction. You’ll get top dollar without the tiring nickel and dining that a private buyer will surely try.


Some Texas junkyards do buy wrecked rigs, but most are solely interested in cars and trucks. However, there are many of them in the Lone Star State, so it could pay out to inquire if one near you buys junk RVs. Some will provide free towing, but this isn’t the norm, so it’s best to ask what a specific junkyard’s policies are.

Selling Your Junk RV in Texas: The Final Word

Eventually, all RVs end up in the category of junk. Older, damaged, or simply just high mileage rigs can be difficult to sell. Most dealerships or private buyers turn their noses at anything but newer used RVs with few issues. Junkyards in Texas can also be a bit difficult to work with.

The solution is to sell your junk RV to a specialized dealer who pays top dollar for any and all rigs regardless of their condition. Most will arrange for a fast and free pick up and pay you on the spot.

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