Typical Vehicle Mechanical Failures That Can Lead to Accidents 


Numerous things can lead to auto accidents, but the most common ones are the result of intoxicated or inattentive driving. However, some auto accidents are the result of mechanical issues. Based on data from the federal government, mechanical failure accounts for around 2% of vehicle accidents. 

Defective parts or poor maintenance usually cause the breakdown. Whatever the reason, a mechanical failure can make a driver lose control of their automobile and slam into uninjured drivers and pedestrians. If you have been in such a situation, know there are legal options after an injury from a vehicle’s mechanical failure – consult an attorney today to learn more. 

The most frequent mechanical problems identified as significant contributors to catastrophic auto accidents include the following.

Brake issues 

Approximately 22% of auto accidents that result from mechanical failure are related to brake issues. Brake lines can wear out or develop defects in certain situations. Leaks in the brake lines might cause brake fluid to evaporate, detrimental to the brake’s functionality. Other times, when drivers pound on the brakes, the anti-lock braking systems are meant to automatically keep the wheels from locking up. A malfunctioning ABS might lead to total braking failure. In other situations, deteriorated brake discs and pads make it more difficult for the driver to stop the car, resulting in greater stopping distances and a higher chance of an automobile accident.

Tire issues 

Approximately 35% of auto accidents that result from mechanical failure are related to tire issues. When tires fail, a car might spin out of control and crash into other cars, which can be fatal. Tire issues cause 15,000 auto accidents in the United States annually. Tire failure can have devastating results. Vehicles could flip over, swerve into oncoming traffic, or veer off the road. Tire failure can result in automobile accidents that damage not just the driver and passengers but also pedestrians and other vehicle occupants.

If a faulty tire caused your automobile accident, you might have the right to file a lawsuit against the motorist or the distributor, manufacturer, or retailer of the tire. Your personal injury attorney will assist you in identifying any parties who may have legal responsibility for your injuries. The following are the most frequent reasons for incidents involving damaged tires:

  • Older tires that look excellent despite their wear
  • Tread separation
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Tires that are not appropriate for the car
  • Retread failure
  • Insufficient patching of punctures 
  • Tires that sustain damage during installation

Consult an experienced personal injury attorney immediately if a vehicle accident has hurt you or someone you love. Your right to compensation for your injuries may depend on what caused the event. You may get compensated for your pain and suffering as well as for past and future medical costs and missed wages. 

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