Underneath It All: How to Properly Care for Your Car’s Undercarriage


Cars are not immune to damage. Damaged cars are then less likely to deliver the best performance to you. To avoid this unfortunate chain of events, you should learn how to care for your cars and the undercarriage.

Many people wonder if there are aftermarket car undercarriage components worth considering. The answer depends on your specific wants and needs, which should help drive your overall research and decision-making processes.

Fortunately, we can work together to help you better understand all there is to know about caring for the undercarriage of a car. This short and simple summary can help you get started today:

Use a Car Jack to Lift Your Car

Using a car jack is a great way to properly care for your car’s undercarriage. The best way to do this is to first decide where you want to place the jack. Find a spot near the center of the car’s frame or suspension, avoiding the exhaust and braking systems.

Then place the jack’s pads or blocks underneath the designated spot so that they make complete contact with the metal and start to slowly lift the car. Keep your foot off of the jack handle and avoid sudden or jerky motions.

Pretreat Extra Oily and Greasy Parts With a Degreaser

Make sure that the degreaser you purchase is suitable for use on your make and model of car. Once you’ve established that the car degreaser is the right choice, begin by spraying it on the affected areas.

Spray in a uniform circular motion to ensure that the degreaser can penetrate into every nook and cranny. Make sure to completely cover every area, and give some extra attention to any especially greasy parts. Finally, allow the degreaser to sit for about twenty minutes.

Wash the Undercarriage Using a Pressure Spray

Make sure you have a pressure sprayer specifically designed for undercarriage car wash and not a regular garden hose. Start the cleaning process by spraying the bottom of the car and giving it a gentle scrub with a soft-bristle brush.

To get into those hard-to-reach areas, use your pressure sprayer at an angle to reach the far corners. Be sure to avoid any areas that have rubber components or electrical wiring, as you may damage these parts.

After scrubbing, give the undercarriage a final rinse with the pressure sprayer to ensure a deep clean. This process should be done routinely as part of your car’s maintenance plan.

Hire Auto Detailing Service

To properly clean undercarriage of a car is an important step in maintaining the overall health and value of your vehicle. Hiring an auto detailing service can give your car the care it needs from experienced professionals.

An auto detailing shop found here can help preserve the life of your car’s undercarriage. They can thoroughly clean the oil, dirt, and grime that may be hiding in the small spaces of the vehicle. They can also check for any potential issues, such as rust or corrosion, and they can make recommendations for repair or treatment if necessary.

Explore How to Properly Care of the Undercarriage of a Car

Now you understand the importance of regularly inspecting and caring for an undercarriage of a car. Make sure that you not only inspect it but that you give it a good cleaning and lubrication at least twice a year.

Take good care of your car, and it will take good care of you!

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