Understanding the Common Causes of Car Accidents and Steps to Take After


Car accidents are one of the leading causes of severe injury and death in the United States. Despite continuous efforts to improve road safety and vehicle technology, the prevalence of car accidents remains a significant concern. The alarming statistics are proof of this very fact. According to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 37,000 people died in motor vehicle crashes in 2018 alone. 

Being injured in a car accident can be mentally, physically, and emotionally overbearing. Therefore, in such a difficult situation, it is crucial to hire someone with immense legal expertise to evaluate the case and get them the compensation they deserve. These auto accident attorneys can help victims understand their legal rights after a collision and manage complicated legal conditions. 

While some accidents are unavoidable, many car crashes can be prevented by understanding their common causes and taking steps to reduce risk. Here’s a detailed guide for you.

Common Causes of Car Accidents 

Distracted Driving: 

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents today, with drivers often engaging in activities such as texting while driving or talking on their cell phones instead of paying attention to the road ahead. According to NHTSA, distracted driving was responsible for 3,166 deaths in 2018 alone. 

Drunk Driving: 

Despite increased awareness of drunk driving’s dangers, it continues to be a significant cause of car accidents yearly. In 2018, 10,511 people were killed due to drunk driving – accounting for 28% of all traffic fatalities that year, according to NHTSA data.


According to NHTSA data, speeding is another major factor contributing to fatal car accidents yearly; speeding was involved in 26% percent of all traffic fatalities in 2018. Drivers who speed put themselves at risk and other motorists on the road who may not have enough time or space to react appropriately when faced with an emergency caused by excessive speed limits being exceeded.

Reckless Driving: 

Reckless driving encompasses any behavior that puts other motorists at risk, such as weaving between lanes without signaling or running red lights or stop signs. In 2018, 1090 deaths were attributed directly to reckless driving, according to NHTSA data.

Weather Conditions: 

Poor weather conditions can make roads slippery and reduce visibility for drivers making it difficult for them to maneuver safely. Rainy, icy, snowy, and foggy conditions can all contribute significantly towards fatal car collisions if drivers do not take proper precautions when navigating through poor weather conditions.  

Steps To Take After A Car Accident Occurs 

You must remain calm after an accident occurs and follow specific steps which will help protect your safety as well as your legal rights if necessary: 

Stay At The Scene: 

You must remain at the scene until law enforcement arrives so they can assess what happened and document any evidence related to the accident. Leaving too soon could result in criminal charges being brought against you, depending on where you live, so it’s best practice not to leave before speaking with the officers first.  

Exchange Information: 

Make sure you exchange contact information with anyone else involved in the crash, including names, phone numbers, insurance companies, etcetera; this will come in handy later if needed during any legal proceedings related to the collision itself or potential claims against either party’s insurance company(ies). 

Document Everything: 

Take pictures or videos of the accident scene from different angles; this documentation will prove invaluable if needed during any court proceedings later down the line.

Seek Medical Attention: 

Even if no visible injuries are present, seek medical attention immediately following an accident; sometimes, symptoms may take hours or days before appearing, but they need addressing directly, so don’t delay getting checked out by medical professionals. 


Car accidents continue to pose a significant threat across America every single year, resulting in thousands upon thousands of injuries and deaths annually. Understanding common causes behind these types of crashes, along with steps taken afterward, both legally as well medically will go a long way towards reducing the number of incidents overall going forward.

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