Unknown Caller Calls You and Leaves A Creepy Message


Getting a creepy message from an unknown caller is not something you can ignore. Statistics say stalkers use anonymous letters to creep their victims as their first step in terrifying them. Take this critical issue seriously and take necessary precautions to protect yourself if you get any such unwanted messages.

Often, ignoring such messages, encouraging them, or provocation leads to severe issues from kidnap to murder. Not all creepy calls are dangerous. But you cannot take your chances when it comes to your safety. Here is a checklist of the steps you must follow to protect yourself if you get such calls. Click here to find a free phone number lookup.

Unknown Calls for Females

The calls intended for females fall under three categories.

  1. A creepy message sexually describing them, mentioning their intimate details like a mole, birthmark, or sexual preferences
  2. Straight on threats that warn them that they will be harmed and their reputation tarnished.
  3. There are subtle messages which do not seem like a threat at all – but have insulting undertones. E.g., You look adorable. I thought you were an angel. You are the fairest maiden of all. Have you ever heard about “TANNING?”

The primary requisite of these messages is to insult the victim and get an angry response from them. The news will continue to lead them further, making them swear, do unintended activities and finally make them vulnerable to everything the stalker says. Psychologists call this provocative technique hypnosis.

The second type of message is mostly a drunk call or a prank played by some friend. Often, angry friends or colleagues jealous of your success will leave such messages. They are the least dangerous ones.

The first type is hazardous as the stalker knows who you are, and they have collected intimate details about you. There are high chances they might be watching you from proximity with the full intent of harming you.

Unknown Calls for Males

The creepy messages for males get categorized into misleading and blackmails.

  1. Creepy messages that say something like “I know what you were watching yesterday on website X” or “I have a vulnerable photograph of you.” They are plain blackmail and often get resolved through money exchange.
  2. Straight-on creepy messages like, “I don’t like your shirt. You will get harmed if I see you’re wearing it again” indicate psychological assault creating fear in the victim’s mind. 90% of the time, such messages divert the man from concentrating on something important like an essential project in the company or protecting their child.
  3. Several men get calls like, “I left something in your locker. Bring it to me….”. These messages are hazardous. Following the instructions will almost always lead to grave danger—the stalkers who make such statements know about the victim’s activities and use them against them efficiently.

Further, they can also access the victim’s personal belongings like their vehicle key or locker code. Try to locate who might get their hands on such information. Check whether you shared such information with a colleague, a stranger you met in the bar, or your ex. Change the credentials as quickly as possible, like the code or the telephone number, keys, passwords, etc.

Steps to take for Protection

  1. File a formal police complaint and get the number of your complaint.
  2. Use it to report further to the cybercrime department if the messages keep continuing.
  3. Always ignore the messages and never try to follow the instructions.
  4. Use Mobile apps like Mr. Number or PhoneHistory to find out who calls and give the details to the police if possible.
  5. Check the number in the Nuwber online tool to find out the details of the stalker. Check your connection with the person if you can get the details. Find out whether your ex, a drunkard who played a prank on you, or a legitimate person toying with your feelings for sadistic fun.
  6. Mention the names of people you suspect in your police complaint. They will check whether the number you got a call from belongs to any of the suspects you mentioned.
  7. Contact the Annoyance Call Bureau linked to your telephone connection provider and report the call with the police complaint number. They will block all further calls from him and other unknown numbers.
  8. If necessary, change a telephone number and use a fake voice message with another person’s voice. If the stalker calls you tracking your new number, they will get confused. Give your unique number only to close friends and family members.
  9. Suppose the stalking and mental torture continues, approach the Federal Communications Commission and file a formal report. They have advanced technology to track the number and spot the stalker.
  10. Seek the help of a private detective agency if necessary.
  11. Talk to your family members openly about the issue and get their support. Do not be afraid about your image or reputation getting compromised within the family. It is much better to admit mistakes directly rather than yielding to an unknown stalker’s wish.
  12. Stay calm, and do not let the stalker know they have succeeded by making you fear them.
  13. Control your emotions and refrain from answering the phone call.
  14. Engaging with the stalkers who leave such creepy messages even once will give them excellent ego satisfaction. They will try to target you in various other ways.

Cyberbullying or cybercrime involving leaving creepy messages on the victim’s phone is a seriously punishable offense. If you are a victim of such stalking and emotionally abusive messages in text form or phone calls, avoid attending the calls and face the consequences bravely. Seek help from the police, from friends and family members. Use the technology advancement to locate who the culprit might be. Get in touch with your stronger self and face the situation with poise. It might be a playful prank call or continuing psychological abuse. The choice is in your hands to find out the truth behind such messages and protect yourself efficiently.

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