What are the Common Injuries Reported in Motorcycle Accidents in Citrus Heights?

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most common catastrophic events in California. There are several causes for these accidents, including the lack of protective gear, distracted riding, failure to yield, intoxicated riding, and running red lights. These accidents cause a great amount of property damage and medical expenses as well. You would have to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in the aftermath of an accident to determine the scope of compensation for your losses.

This blog post will discuss some of the most common injuries reported in motorcycle accidents in Citrus Heights. 

1. Head or brain injuries

The most common injuries reported in motorcycle accidents include head or brain injuries. These are the leading cause of death in motorcycle accidents. Brain injuries can be classified as mild (loss of consciousness), moderate (substantial change in mental status), and severe (coma and death). 

2. Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are another common motorcycle accident injury. They are commonly caused by blunt force trauma. These injuries are often considered catastrophic and can cause paralysis below the level of the injury.

3. Broken bones

Motorcycle accident victims often suffer broken bones in collisions, which may include facial bones, such as the nose, jaw, or cheekbone, rib fractures, spinal fractures, scapular fractures, pelvic fractures, and clavicle fractures. Fractures may affect mobility and may require surgery.

4. Burns

Burns are another major motorcycle accident injury. Motorcycle accidents may catch on fire and burn riders. These burns can range from first to third-degree, depending on the severity. They may require intensive treatment and skin grafts for recovery.

5. Back or neck injuries

One of the most common types of injuries motorcycle accident victims suffer is back and neck injuries. These injuries are often caused by a motorist failing to yield, or by rear-end collisions. They can range from minor bruises to broken backs and can result in a lifetime of pain and difficulties with mobility. 

6. Intrernal organ injuries

Intrinsic body organs, such as the lungs, stomach, or spleen, can also be injured by injuries in motorcycle accidents. They can be severely damaged or destroyed, which may result in immediate or delayed death. In most cases, these injuries require urgent surgical intervention.

7. Nerve damage

Motorcycle accident victims may sustain nerve damage that can impair mobility, such as by causing loss of sensation in the arms or legs. Severe injuries may require surgery to correct. Nerve damage can sometimes lead to permanent paralysis.