What Are the Common Types of Police Cars?

There’s a chance you’ve seen a cop car but have no idea what kind it is – or even what kinds of police vehicles there are. Sometimes, we don’t pay attention to the world around us.

Yet we rely on the police for protection, and it’s unfair to them if we don’t pay attention. The better we know the kinds of cars, the more likely we can figure out which car or truck is being driven by a police officer.

Keep reading to learn about all the different types of police cars, how they’re used, and what they’re used for. Let’s get into it!

Patrol Cars or Squad Cars

Patrol cars are the primary vehicles used for patrolling the streets. They are standard, unmarked vehicles with a police package that includes a spotlight, cage, radio, siren, and other equipment necessary for police work.

It often has four doors as well as the capability for four people to fit inside. Squad cars are bigger than patrol cars and usually contain more specialized equipment and additional features. Driving a police car requires special skills, special licensing, and an understanding of the purpose of the vehicle.

Highway Patrol Vehicles

These vehicles are generally equipped with powerful engines, so they can quickly catch up with speeding vehicles on the highway. They are also equipped with specific police equipment such as sirens, flashing lights, a Feniex fusion surface mount, and cameras.

They handle emergencies and various dangerous scenarios on the highways. These vehicles also carry a variety of road safety equipment, such as traffic cones, flares, and warning signs.

Some highway patrol vehicles are outfitted with high-performance tires, which allow them to maneuver better at high speeds or maintain grip in wet conditions. It is usually painted with distinct patterns and colors to make them more easily recognizable.

Surveillance Vehicles

These are typically unmarked and designed to blend in with their surroundings. They are outfitted with multiple cameras, allowing the police to observe large areas from a distance.

They are also equipped with radios and other devices, allowing a better response time to calls for assistance. Surveillance vehicles are typically used in areas with higher crime rates in order to keep an eye on activity that could potentially be dangerous.

Pursuit Cars

One of the most common types of police cars is the pursuit car, which is generally used for high-speed chases. Pursuit cars are specially designed and built to accommodate the often extreme conditions of a police chase.

Typically, a pursuit car is made to be lightweight, with a higher-than-normal engine to enable higher speeds. The car is also typically equipped with auxiliary power sources such as power inverters to ensure its longevity while in use.

Learn the Most Common Types of Police Cars Today

Police cars come in many styles and designs. They are typically designed to serve the needs of different types of police forces.

Understanding the types of police cars that are best suited for a particular operation is essential to ensure that the police force is well-equipped and staffed to meet its daily objectives.

Invest in the right kind of car for your police force to deal effectively with daily challenges!

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