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What are Travel Trailers?


An RV or recreational vehicle is arguably the best type of automobile to have for people that like long road trips or want to travel to different places around their home country. However, RVs can be pretty expensive, and they are much pricier compared to some of the most common kinds of cars in the market.

But, if you already have an SUV or a big car in the garage, then you may just want to buy a travel trailer instead. A travel trailer is a towable trailer that has a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom, and almost everything you need to have a temporary home during a road trip. Here are the things you need to know more about travel trailers and why you may need one.

Types of Travel Trailers

There are different types of travel trailers that you can get for RVs or for SUVs that are strong enough to carry a trailer. Here are some of the types of travel trailers that are very popular today.

Classic Travel Trailer

airstream trailer

The classic travel trailer is arguably the most common type, and it is considered a classic because of how many people are buying and using it. Classic travel trailers have exterior shells that are 10 to 35 feet long, and the interior of these trailers usually includes a bathroom, a bedroom, and a kitchen. At the bottom of the classic travel trailer are storage compartments where you can place bags or luggage.

There are some classic travel trailers that have slide-outs, which are portions that can be slid outward so that there would be more space for furniture or appliances while the trailer is parked. Classic travel trailers come in different sizes, so you would first have to make sure that you will be buying the correct size that can fit every tool, appliance, or piece of furniture you want to put inside the trailer.


Airstream has similar interior features as the classic travel trailers, but the difference between the former and the latter can be found in the exterior, as the airstream has a metallic silver covering that is rounder in design. The metallic covering is made primarily of aluminum, which makes the airstream lighter and easier to move compared to classic travel trailers.

Airstreams usually have bigger sizes than classic travel trailers, and they are designed to accommodate more pieces of furniture and appliances. The downside to airstreams is that they can be quite expensive, so you may need to adjust your budget if you want to get one of these.

Teardrop Trailer

The teardrop trailer is a much smaller version of the classic travel trailer and is designed to be lighter and more compact for easier towing. However, the disadvantage of teardrop trailers is that they have limited space for amenities, and most of them don’t really have a bedroom because of how small they are.

Teardrop trailers would have a kitchen or small bathroom, but that is usually it for this type of trailer other than having a small space for storage. However, keep in mind that there are some teardrop trailers with a built-in bedroom, so if you prioritize sleeping facilities over kitchens or bathrooms, these teardrop trailers are perfect for you. Teardrop trailers are perfect for small tow vehicles, so if you only have a small car with you, then this type of trailer is more suitable for your road trips.

Pop-Up Trailer

Pop-up trailers may look relatively small at first glance compared to classic travel trailers and even teardrop trailers, but once you take a closer look at them, you will be able to see how large of a space they produce once they are parked.

True to its name, the pop-up trailer has exterior walls that can be popped outwards to reveal a bigger space for furniture or appliances. These pop-up sections are made of canvas and waterproof fabric so that they will remain extended even during the rain. These pop-up trailers would typically have a sleeping space and a bathroom, but they can be extended to accommodate a portable stove and other appliances.

Toy Hauler

The toy hauler is a type of travel trailer that is primarily utilized to carry “big toys” like motorbikes, ATVs, kayaks, sports cars, and canoes. Toy haulers are much larger in size when you compare it to airstreams and classic travel trailers, as they would need to accommodate large machines and vehicles. These toy haulers would have a large ramp-door so that you can easily haul vehicles and water vessels onto the interior of the trailer.

Pros and Cons of Travel Trailers

While travel trailers are very convenient to own and use, there are some disadvantages to them that should be talked about so that you can see if travel trailers are right for you or if you would be better off saving money to buy an RV. Here are the pros and cons of travel trailers.

Pros of Travel Trailers

  • The vehicle and the trailer can be separated, so you can use both of them individually or together during your road trip. If you are just going to use your car for errands, you can easily detach the trailer since you won’t need it.
  • Trailers are much more affordable compared to RVs since they aren’t technically vehicles and are composed of fewer expensive parts. If you already have a car, a trailer would be the cheapest and most practical option for you.
  • Trailers are easier to maneuver around corners since they are completely separate from your vehicle, unlike RVs which would require you to adjust your driving style because of how big they are.

Cons of Travel Trailers

  • You will not be able to gain access to the interior of the travel trailer while you are inside your vehicle.
  • It will be much more difficult for the driver to drive backward while there is a travel trailer towed on the vehicle. The trailer’s wheels would often not cooperate with the vehicle whenever the driver is backing up, so parking while performing the said maneuver is inadvisable.
  • You will need a portable generator to power up the lights, appliances, and devices inside the trailer. On the other hand, RVs would often already have a generator or battery built into them.


These are all the basic things you need to know about travel trailers, from their different types to their pros and cons. We hope that this simple article has helped you decide whether or not you need to buy a trailer for your road trips with friends or family members.

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