What Car Cleaning Products Really Work?


Taking care of cars is a hobby for many people, and you can say it is a hobby for us at Comfort Auto & Body Repair. In the market today, there are several products for cleaning cars. Despite many great offers, you have to choose what really makes the difference.

Do you know which car cleaning products really work? We have the best of car cleaning products at Comfort Auto & Body Repair. At Comfort Auto & Body Repair we can make your vehicle shine.

Read on to see some good car cleaning products!

Automotive Wax

Automotive wax is an essential cleaner. This is because, in addition to brightening, it protects the paint from the car.

To choose the best wax, you need to take into consideration the surface that it will be applied to and the color of your vehicle.

Also note that if the product has silicone and carnauba in its composition, then is it a good start as they guarantee the brightness for much longer.

When using liquid wax, it should be applied with a clean flannel. You need to wait 20 to 30 minutes for the product to dry.

Spray wax does not have an abrasive substance in its formula and will leave no residue, so to apply to your car, simply spray with the car clean and wet. Then wipe with a soft, dry cloth in a circular motion until the vehicle is completely dry.

A pasty wax needs to be synthetic and can be applied with the vehicle in the sun. Then wipe with a clean, dry cloth. You are probably wondering where you can be able to get more information about the various car wax products. You can always check these car wax reviews for a list of the best car wax products in the market.

Regarding care in the application of each product, the tip is not to use excess wax, just enough to make the application.

Glass Cleaner

Cleaning auto glass is also important, after all, its transparency is essential for the safety of whoever is in the vehicle.

There are several car cleaning products on the market that promise to clean auto glass effectively. However, it is important to note if they really match their basic functions.

You should examine whether the product cleans more dirt from the surface and if it de-greases the windows on the inner and outer parts. So, choose glass cleaners that form a protective layer, which guarantee the durability of the cleaning and leaves no stains after the application.

To use the product, remove excess dirt and wash the car, then spray the cleaner evenly.

Clean one piece of glass at a time, preferably horizontally. Use a clean sponge just to wipe the windows and wipe it all over the area, to the hardest corners.

After product application, rub a cloth over the glass to dry completely. For shine, use caution and use a thinner, smoother, more silky cloth. Never use a thicker flannel as it will leave fabric strands on the vehicle.

You can find this product in any car cleaning shop.

Leather Moisturizer

The leather of car seats also needs care. To preserve it and maintain its original appearance, we prefer silicone-based car cleaning products that moisturize, conserve and function as a detergent. You can check information on the description of the leather moisturizer packaging itself.

To apply it, do the procedure with the leather in the shade. Pass the product onto a foam applicator, make circular motions until a thin layer of liquid is created in the desired area, then wait 10 minutes and remove excess product with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Be sure to use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to remove excess liquid.

You can find the leather moisturizer in various car cleaning products stores.

Little Black

The tires must also receive adequate cleaning. To do this, use a product known as “black hair”. It cleans the tires and gives it brightness, giving it a new appearance again.

To choose the best “little black”, give preference to car cleaning products that protect, conserve, brighten and leave a protective layer that prevents dryness of the rubber.

Before application, remove any mud and dirt. Then, apply the black with a dry sponge. Regarding care, use products that do not dry out the rubber and give more than just a week of protection.

The black is found in shops specializing in products for cleaning cars.

Before buying your car cleaning products, always think of these tips and check the packaging to avoid damages. Also, remember that Comfort Auto & Body Repair can do all these and more for you.

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