What CC Motorcycle Should I Get As A Beginner?


Purchasing your first motorcycle is an exciting endeavor, especially for beginners. These machines are known to provide a liberating and exhilarating experience for riders. However, due to the nature of the dangers present when riding motorcycles, it’s important that beginners carefully consider what size engine is right for them when making their first purchase.

Determining the engine displacement or CC (cubic centimeters) of your first motorcycle means being educated on how different engines perform. Exploring the options by taking test rides, consulting specialists like an accident attorney for motorcycle crashes, and reading reviews and testimonials can all help you become a responsible motorcycle owner and rider.

Here are some of the different engine sizes, and the advantages and disadvantages associated with them.250cc and Below

Motorcycles with 250cc engines and below tend to be excellent choices for novice riders. These bikes are known to be lightweight, easy to handle, and forgiving. They tend to be more fuel-efficient, so cost-effectiveness is a plus.

While 250cc and under engines are great for beginners, they tend to be inadvisable for long highway rides or carrying passengers. They are best suited for city commuting and short trips, and learning the basics before investing in a larger bike.

300cc to 500cc

Motorcycle engines in the 300-500cc range tend to straddle the line between manageable power and versatility. They’re often powerful enough to travel safely on the expressway and versatile enough to be ridden in varying conditions. Beginner riders who want more power tend to favor these motorcycles.

While suitable for most beginners, some riders with no prior experience may be overwhelmed by these bikes. So, practicing safe riding techniques and gradually advancing your skills is a must.

From 500cc to 750cc

Motorcycles in the 500-750cc range are referred to as middleweight bikes. They tend to lack very little in the power and performance categories. However, they’re more suitable for riders with some experience. Long trips, high speeds, and passenger rides are all within these bikes’ range of abilities.

Middleweight motorcycles can be intimidating for beginners. Proper education and ample practice can significantly bridge the gap between novice riders and bikes with engines this size. Higher price points also come with this category of bikes.

750cc and Above

Motorcycles with engine displacements of 750cc and above are called heavyweights or touring bikes. They offer power, comfort, and features, making them the right bikes for experienced riders for long-distance trips.

These bikes are not recommended for beginners due to their size, weight, and handling complexity. Attempting to learn how to ride motorcycles on such a bike is risky and can be overwhelming. It’s a lot safer to start on a bike with a smaller engine. 

Before You Ride

With safety being the number one priority, novice riders are highly encouraged to steer away from the largest engines when purchasing their first bike. Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable motorists on the road, therefore, every consideration that helps to keep them safe is the right one. 

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