What It Takes To Become A Racing Driver


For many of us, just driving a racing car would be a dream come true, but some people get to race them, day in, day out, for considerable amounts of money. The reason behind this is simple, they have what it takes to make that car perform to the best of its abilities and not everybody has that. Whilst it’s possible to learn some of the skills necessary, it could be argued that there’s a certain something in each racing driver that they’re just born with. Whether you believe that or not, we’re going to explore only the acquirable skills and qualities here. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a racing driver then check out this list to give yourself the best chance possible.

Endless Discipline

The first item on the list is without a doubt the most important. Just like any other athlete on the top of their game, racing drivers need to have endless discipline. This will help them to continuously make the right decisions in their lives to keep them achieving to the maximum of their abilities. It could be saying no to that slice of cake after dinner, or choosing to go and train instead of meeting your friends at the bar. Some of us find self-discipline more difficult than others, but in order to become a racing driver, you need to be sure that you can harness that willpower. More than this, it shows to the public as well. For those who bet on car racing, the person who is driving can be a big deciding factor in whether or not they place the bet. A poor driver in a great car could be outperformed by a great driver in a not-so-good car. Although we think of cars as doing all of the work, without the right instructions, the best car won’t win. Looking at the odds, it is often clear to see who the stand-out drivers are in the race. If you are looking to bet on a race then it’s a good idea to find an unbiased site. This selection of Formula 1 betting sites has been chosen because they are rated highly by their users, as well as betting experts. This means that they offer competitive odds, have multiple deposit options, and always keep your money safe and secure. Each operator has a thorough review available, including a summary of their services as well as advantages and cons.

Exemplary Diet

It should go without saying that the more weight a car has to move, the harder it’s going to find it. Racing drivers are often smaller in stature and even if they’re not, they keep themselves light. Just as a jockey needs to meet a certain weight to ride a horse, racing drivers are put under the same pressure too. In order to maintain a healthy weight, racing drivers usually follow pretty strict eating plans. This will always involve lots of vegetables and fruit, generally plenty of protein, and will include fewer carbohydrates than many of us are used to. Protein helps to give the body everything it needs to grow and maintain muscles, whilst fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals. Not only this, but low-calorie, high fibre vegetables like spinach, kale, and other leafy greens help drivers feel satisfied without over-consuming calories. Lewis Hamilton’s diet is a classic example of what a racing car driver can expect to eat whilst they’re working at peak performance.

High Fitness

Alongside a healthy diet, racing drivers also need to maintain a high level of fitness. Being light in weight isn’t enough to get to the top of the table, racing drivers have to undergo fitness training as well. This fitness training will involve a good mixture of cardio and weights, to ensure that the driver stays strong as well as slim. Driving racing cars exerts pressure on the body. If you’ve ever sat in a car that cornered too fast, you’ll know the feeling of having your weight thrown around. A strong core is essential to counteract the fast and sharp turns that a racing driver has to perform. As well as a strong core, strength in the arms and shoulders is important for steering and maintaining stability, whilst strong legs help to make quick changes between accelerator, brakes, and clutch.

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