What Size Winch Do I Need? – A Complete Winching Guide


Your sorrows know no bounds when your car gets stuck in the tough road or muddy road. In this case, your vehicle may not move an inch, right? Apart from that, when you go to drive on steep terrain, sometimes your car may get stuck as well. But you need to get rid of the situation, right? In this case, you need nothing but a jeep winch, which will help you get rid of the measurable condition.

But you also have to consider the size of your jeep winch so that you can comfortably rescue your car from the tough situation. If you want to learn other things related to your vehicle, then you should visit a favorite car blog where there are many resources. However, in this article, I am going to cover a complete winching guide here. Also, I must tell you what size winch you need for your car.

Why do I need a winch for my car?

Don’t think that you can drive on the smooth highway all the time you drive your car. Sometimes, you may need to drive on a muddy road or some steep terrains where driving becomes impossible. Not only that, but your friend may also call you to rescue his car from a severe condition. To face all the negative situations, you should have a winch in your vehicle to help your friends.

A winch is nothing but a device with a motor and cables that benefits you to pull your car from any tough situation. Maybe, your vehicle is motionless and cannot move an inch from the road due to the rough condition of the way. In this case, a winch should come into the place and help you get rid of the situation. That’s why; you need to have the right size winch in your car for any case.

How to determine what size winch do you need?

Before you head over to bring a winch for your car, consider your car’s weight. You can calculate your car’s weight in two ways. The vehicle has its weight itself, and when you, along with your backpack on it, the weight of the car should be different. So, you can get two different weight from your car. You have to consider the second weight, which includes your backpack and other things on it.

When you have your car’s weight, it is time to multiply your vehicle’s weight by 1.5 times so that you can get the size of the winch you need to purchase. As a car owner, you might know the term ‘GVW,’ right? If not, let me briefly explain what the word means actually. So, GVW stands for Gross Vehicle Weight. After getting the GVW, it is simple to calculate what size winch you need for your car. Also, click the link to buy high-quality ATV Rope Winches online. 

Using the equation, you can find out the right size of the winch for your car.

So, the equation is- Winch size of your car = GVW x 1.5


Don’t stick to the exact size of the winch

Now you have found the size of the winch you need for your car. But it would be best if you did not stick to the exact size that you have got from the calculation. To lift your vehicle from a tough situation, you should consider a more significant size winch for your car. The bigger the winch size, the better it would be for you to drag your vehicle or rescue other cars from any lousy condition.

Maybe, your car’s weight is 3,280 that you have got after measuring it. Now what you have to do is multiply it with 1.5, right? If you increase 3280 with 1.5, the number you will get is 4920. But it would be best if you did not stick to the exact amount. Instead, you need to purchase a bigger one, which will benefit you to haul your car quickly and comfortably.

Consider synthetic rope instead of steel

Steel cable may cause you some inconvenience when it comes to hauling or lifting a car at the time of operation because it may cause you to hurt if there is any break at the time of dragging the car from a bad situation. On the other hand, synthetic rope is way better and more convenient for you to use as a winch on your jeep. While dragging the car from the rough condition, it may break and cause harm to you. That’s why a synthetic rope will not cause any damage at the time of any miss happening.

How to Safely Use Your Winch?

It would be best if you took precautions when using your winch to pull or drag your car from any bad situation. Sometimes, the synthetic rope may develop debris on it, which will cause you to slice your hands. You have to make sure you are performing the rescuing of your car or your friend’s jeep from a safe distance. Otherwise, you may fall in any danger which costs you a lot as well.

  • Step 1

The first thing should come first, and you have to make sure that you have equipped everything properly from attaching the necessary tools to using the synthetic rope.

  • Step 2

In this step, you have to take other precautions so that you don’t have encountered any miss happening with you. Because sometimes the synthetic rope, aka the winch, may break.

  • Step 3

For your complete protection, you should wear high quality and thicker gloves so that your hands can keep safe when rescuing your car from the dangerous situation.

  • Step 4

As the winch has a synthetic rope, chances are there may develop debris over time. It may slip from your hands as well, which may cause your hands cuts or severe injury for a long time. So, before you head over to use a winch, make sure you are entirely prepared.

Final Verdict

A winch may help you get rid of a rough condition. But knowing the size of the winch depending on your car is also essential. You should bring a winch bigger than you exactly need for your car to rescue it. Sometimes, you may also need to help others to pull their vehicles. In this case, it will help them as well to haul in a tough situation.

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