Where is Window Tinting Illegal?


3M Window tinting is a popular product that keeps your car cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Window tinting can also make your vehicle more secure by preventing people from seeing inside of it. 3M window tinting is an important consideration when thinking about installing tint on your car windows. However, before you go out and install a 3M window tint on your vehicle, it’s important to know which areas have laws prohibiting the use of this type of product because there are some places where window tinting is illegal!

Areas With High Crime Rates

Although a 3M window tint can be a great way to improve the look and feel of your car, driving with tinted windows can present some serious problems in certain areas. For example, carjackers may be less likely to attack if they cannot see how many people are inside your vehicle or if there are any valuables to take. Car thieves may also be deterred by the decreased visibility of your car’s contents. Therefore, areas with high crime rates often require that all windows in a vehicle allow an unobstructed line of sight into the car’s interior.

Areas Near Airports

Tinted windows pose a problem for many airports. For example, if you have ever tried to monitor the flight status of an airplane with tinted windows, you will understand that the plane is very difficult to see. That means that people may not be able to call in a sighting, which can delay flights and cause needless confusion at an already busy airport. Although airports may have a special exemption to the tinting laws, it is still best to check on the specific laws in your area before you install any window film.

School Bus Stops

While every school bus must have clear visibility, some areas have more strict rules than others. Some places will even require all windows past the first row to be clear and not have any tint. That’s because children often wait for public transit at school bus stops. For their safety, the law requires that all windows be clear to allow a full view of the area around the bus stop.

Near Some Government Buildings

Worker hands installs car paint protection film wrap.

If your vehicle passes by a courthouse, police station, or other government building, the chances are that vehicle 3M window tinting is restricted. Some places will even require that your front windshield be completely clear of any tint or film to protect these facilities’ security. If you are caught driving with tinted windows near these locations, then you could face fines and possible jail time if it is deemed that your vehicle poses a threat.

Anywhere, you are required by law to have a front license plate

In Canada, the laws regarding window tinting vary depending on which proving you reside. Rules vary depending on which windows are tinted and the degree to which they’re tinted. To ensure your 3M window tint is legal, check your local laws before having the tint applied.


Window tinting is illegal in some cities, provinces and territories. In other areas, the law may restrict the level of 3M window tint applied to a vehicle’s windows. Drivers need to know the rules where they live to avoid any legal issues when driving their car or truck with darkly-tinted windows.


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