Why Are There More Car Accidents in the Summer?

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the US. There is an average of over 38,000 deaths a year due to car crashes. Most of the worst car accidents happen in the summer months, a time when families are enjoying their time together. There are a variety of reasons for why this happens and ways that you can avoid getting into a terrible accident.

More Car Accidents Happen in The Summer

Quite a few factors are what cause car accidents to be at an all-time high. It is mostly due to the number of vehicles on the road found during the summer months.

When Do Summer Car Accidents Occur?

Compared to winter months, summer months have 29% more car accident deaths. This tends to happen between June and September but can extend into October as well. The reason summer months are a hot-bed for car accidents is mainly because there are far more people traveling, shopping, and spending time outdoors. The amount of motor-vehicle fatalities goes up with the number of vehicle mileage going up. Conversely, in the wintertime, vehicle mileage goes down, and so do the deaths of drivers.

What Days of the Week Do Most Accidents Happen?

A majority of car collisions are happening on Saturdays. This is because it is a weekend day when most people are off. This means there is a heightened risk of getting into an accident, as the amount of people engaging in leisurely activities is higher. With more cars on the road and fewer people distracted or not paying attention, the likelihood of cars colliding is higher.

What Time of the Day Do Most Summer Accidents?

During the summer, most car accidents are likely to happen during the night. Car accidents are 48% more likely to happen in the dark. With lighting, they were only 41% more likely to happen. It would appear that driving at night increases the chance of a collision simply because of the visibility.

Who Is More Likely to Get Into an Accident?

Apparently, about 95% of vehicles that get into car accidents were passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans. This means that the average citizen is most likely to get into an accident during the summer. Semi-truck accidents happened to make up 71% of the large trucks that got into accidents. Large trucks were the cause of 8% of vehicle accidents.

How to Avoid Summer Car Accidents

According to maho-prentice.com, the best approach to preventing yourself from getting into a car accident is to drive during the day when the roads are emptier. Try to take roads that are less trafficked. You can avoid driving at night or only drive in areas with great lighting. Try to avoid driving on Saturdays. Instead, you can drive on Sundays and still enjoy your weekend with friends or family. Stay away from large trucks when you are driving to stay safe. You can also try to limit the amount of driving you do during October, when some of the car accidents are highest.

Learn More About Car Accidents

You can discover more about safe driving and what to do after a car accident from helpful attorneys. Car crash lawyers can provide additional input as they have your best interests at heart.