Why Do You Need a Catalyst In a Car


As a rule, a big problem begins with a small trouble. When the Check Engine light is on you need diagnostics. If you see an error P0420 or P0430 it means that something is wrong with the cat of your vehicle. Moreover, 99% that the device is worn out and you need to replace it.

In such a situation vehicle owners usually start looking for some information about cat replacement and may come across forums and articles saying that it is better to get rid of your cat. On the one hand, it sounds good because you don’t need to spend money on a new one. But on the other hand, there are a lot of pitfalls that become obvious much later.

People often say that buying a new catalyst is wasting money. But you can’t just remove an old device and leave everything in that state. It is necessary to install an oxygen sensor simulator or something like that. It is not so easy as it seems.

Sometimes all parts and manipulations cost almost the same as a new catalyst. In addition, removing this device is illegal in most countries including the USA and it is punishable by a fine up to $2,500. Buying a new catalyst is cheaper, especially for those who know the best place to look for. Just click autocatalystmarket.com in USA to visit the world’s biggest cat base. The catalog contains more than 24,000 items for any vehicle model.

Why Catalyst is So Important

It’s no accident that a catalyst is quite an expensive vehicle element. Did you know that the price of a cat may reach 13% of the total car cost? It was designed to oxidize harmful compounds of exhaust gases and almost eliminate their toxicity due to catalytic chemical processes.

How Does It Work?

A cat consists of a steel body, ceramic cylinder with many holes reminiscent of a honeycomb covered with a thin layer of an alloy oxidizing exhaust gases. The bigger the contact area is the better, that’s why the internal element is made in the form of a honeycomb. Heat is released by the oxidation process and makes it more effective.

A car cat is an essential part of the entire exhaust system. The mandatory use of this device is regulated by most countries of the world since environmental issues are common for everyone.

The catalytic layer contains many precious metals, such as platinum, rhodium, and palladium. Their high cost defines the cost of the converter. By the way, you may earn some money for an old, clogged, or damaged device for a new one.

Catalyst plays its role in the process of fuel distribution. A modern vehicle simply won’t go as it should without a missing part of the exhaust system due to the wrong fuel supply parameters.

That is why the replacement of an old catalyst is needed.

If you decide to remove it, you have to be ready to permanently distracting the Check Engine light meaning that you may fail to identify a true motor trouble at the proper time. Besides, let’s remember about the fine for using a vehicle without a cat. Is removing worth it? Engine power loss due to a cat is a popular myth. All you need it to fill your vehicle with unleaded fuel to keep the device in good operating condition.

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