10 facts drivers should know

Entering the world of driving is one of the most important things you can do in your life, but it is also one of the most daunting. You will never forget the day you pass your driving test and purchase your first car. In fact, with 60 million cars are produced every year there are more people on the road than ever. In this context, it is important that a driver knows their vehicle as if they don’t it can have a serious negative impact on their driving. Therefore, knowing at least 10 facts as a driver should help to broaden your knowledge before you set out on the road again.

Firstly, as driving is such a common practice these days there is a lot of information that drivers may already know. For example, every driver knows that before purchasing a car, the first thing they should know about your car is the year it was manufactured, the make of the car, and the specific model. Furthermore, it is common knowledge that one should conduct regular checks of their oil and water levels in case your car needs an oil change and to prevent it from overheating. Of course, something that every driver also needs to do every day is to check fuel levels to see if you will be able to make your journey without any hassle.

However, there are also fewer common facts that drivers should know as they are essential pieces of information. Many people do not know that staying safe on the road also entails checking your rims. The basic function of your wheel rims is to provide leverage as well as a solid base to mount your tires. Therefore, if you have damaged rims or rims that need to be replaced and you do not switch them, you could experience braking or handling problems. A good rim can also contribute to having better performance with your car and can have an effect on your gas mileage.

gas mileage

Moreover, one should not neglect frequently checking the tire thread depth as it is essential for your cars grip on the road. Each tire should typically have a minimum thread depth of 1.6mm and not checking this could not only have negative consequences on your driving but could also result in legal trouble. Of course, lights are an important functionality of every car and conducting regular checks on headlights, indicators, reversing lights, fog lights and brake lights to see if they are in working order is a vital task.

Of course, when we are in a hurry and need to drive somewhere, it is easy to forget other simple tasks such as checking to see if you have a working screen wash system and windscreen wipers. Often, we assume that our wipers and screen are functioning well but seeing clearly out of the windscreen is a priority when we are driving especially as we need to be cautious and remain vigilant. Ensuring that your windscreen wiper leaves no marks and that your windscreen is clear and unshipped should enhance your driving experience. Replacing your air filter should also be a priority as a faulty or clogged up one could decrease your fuel efficiency and lead to reduced engine power. Mechanics recommend either waiting a full year before getting it checked and replaced or waiting until your car hits 12,000 miles.

In conclusion, whether you have been driving for many years or are a first-time driver carrying out research before getting behind the wheel is essential to remaining safe on the road. From taking a note of the make and model of a car before you purchase it to checking and changing your rims, there are a list of facts that you need to be aware of. The good news is that you will probably have come across a lot of this car knowledge before, so you will only have to make a small effort to expand your knowledge.