Vintage Car Features that Should Come Back


The automobile industry has been thriving for more than 80 years, and its stable popularity is mainly attributed to new features and technologies that are implemented in cars and other types of vehicles almost every year. However, there are many car enthusiasts that would rather keep their vehicles’ features simple, which is why they gravitate towards vintage cars that don’t have a lot of technology built into them.

With so many modern gadgets and accessories for cars these days, there are a lot of car owners and drivers that are yearning for vintage car features that they are more used to using compared to recent and high-tech ones released in today’s era. JSP America is an automobile accessories manufacturer that specializes in vintage outer car accessories, especially visor shields, window shades, etc. Here is a list of several great vintage car features that should make a comeback.

Pop-Up Headlights

Although they are slightly impractical, there is no denying how awesome pop-up headlights look. Pop-up headlights were very popular during the 80s and 90s, particularly in the era where sleek sports cars, like the Ferrari F40, are highly sought after. Even though they are a staple feature in luxury cars, you can find pop-up headlights in affordable vehicles like the Mazda Miata.

Foot Dimmer Switch

There was a time that the dimmer switch, which is found in a stick behind the steering wheel, was once located near the vehicle’s foot pedals. This change in location was first implanted in the late 1920s when most drivers complained that the dimmer switch is hard to press since it is near the steering wheel. So, in order to keep the driver’s hands on the wheel, some car manufacturers opted to place the dimmer switch near the foot pedals so that you can press it using your foot instead. 

The foot dimmer switch would remain until the 70s before car manufacturers decided to place it back near the steering wheel in the form of a wiper stalk, which is also where the controls for the car’s wiper and other lights are located. There are still some car enthusiasts today that want the foot dimmer switch back, but because many people are now used to wiper stalks, the foot dimmer switch may remain obsolete for much longer.

Cigarette Lighters

cigarette lighter in cars

Cigarette lighters have only been recently discontinued, but many car owners are already clamoring for them to come back. Cigarette lighters in vehicles are plugs that cover the connector that can charge gadgets via the car battery. Today, the connector’s cover is just a regular plug and not a cigarette lighter. No one exactly knows why cigarette lighters are discontinued, but many believe that it is removed for manufacturers to promote wellness for drivers and stop them from smoking too much.

Headlight Wipers

Headlight wipers were very well-known in European countries where rain always occurs. To keep their headlights clear and free of mud and stains, European cars have headlight wipers installed at the bottom of the headlights. Despite being effective, they are deemed unnecessary and were subsequently discontinued around the 90s. However, there are some people that have owned cars with headlight wipers before that want the accessory to come back because of how efficient they are in keeping headlights clean.

Wing Windows

There was a time when wing windows, which are small windows located near the side mirrors, were very popular because of how they can let in the cool breeze while you are driving. Wing windows were abundant in vehicles made during the 60s, which is a period where air conditioning is not available for all models or is very expensive to install. 

To compensate for how hot the interior of the vehicles can get, car manufacturers install small windows near the side mirrors to let a little bit of air in for the driver and the passenger next to him or her. Wing windows eventually went out of style as air conditioning became more accessible for cars.

Hood Ornaments or Emblems

Rolls-Royce hood ornament

Hood ornaments, which are usually the emblems that car manufacturers install to display their iconic logos, were once found in almost every luxury car you can find in the 70s and 80s. However, these hood ornaments, like many other gadgets and accessories on this list, were considered impractical, so they were removed in favor of putting the manufacturers’ logo in front of the car near the headlights. Rolls-Royce is the only company that still incorporates hood ornaments on its production models. Because of how popular Rolls-Royce cars are today, it won’t be surprising if hood ornaments make a comeback in the near future.

These are just a few vintage car features that many car enthusiasts want to come back. Most of these features may not be revived, but at least we could still see them in popular vintage cars that are sold in auctions or showcased in conventions.

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