3 Benefits Of Aftermarket Truck Bumpers


Pickup trucks remain a firm favorite with American drivers for a variety of reasons. Firstly there’s an enormous choice when it comes to these types of trucks. Entry-level models can represent a great investment for tradespeople who are going to be hauling around their tools and equipment to remote sites while the upper end of the market provides the average consumer with a pickup that crosses the line between utility and sheer luxury.

The price points also vary wildly. A new baseline model can be picked up for around $30,000 while a top-of-the-range pick up such as the Ford Super Duty F-450 can cost over $100,000 with all the bells and whistles.

In the highly competitive world of truck sales, most dealers are today offering some very attractive incentives to purchase – the savvy driver can save thousands on the price of a new truck if they keep a sharp eye out for bargains.

Then there the simple fact that 4×4 pickups are simply fun to drive – especially if the driver and his or her family and friends enjoy the great outdoors (and the four-door models have huge amounts of space – and that useful load bay). They also offer an elevated ride which helps with visibility and new safety features have made owning these sorts of vehicles a safer option than may have been the case in the past.

Those who make the decision to purchase one of these vehicles will often want to stamp their individuality on their vehicle of choice and in many cases up the toughness and functionality of the vehicle by fitting aftermarket parts. Aftermarket truck bumpers are an especially popular choice from manufactures like Steelcraft, Hammerhead, Iron Cross and Ranch Hand.

Here are 3 reasons why this type of aftermarket equipment is a great idea for truck owners.

1. Longevity and Cost Savings

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts can be pricey – and there are some exceptional and attractive aftermarket bumper options that will save the driver significant amounts of money.

Many of the manufacturers have built an enviable reputation for quality. Do some research and you will find the right bumper, at the right price. Steel heavy-duty bumpers are an especially popular choice like this Ranch Hand Bumper. These are tough as nails and ideal for the rough and tumble of the off-road lifestyle.

They are far tougher than many of the other options that are made from plastic – and will last longer if faced with heavy use off-road (or as a workhorse). However, even if steel is not the material of choice the options are almost endless.

2. Choice and Functionality

It’s worth revisiting the subject of choice. Previously mentioned were steel heavy-duty bumpers and plastic composites. However, there are a number of other choices including aluminum. However, for the serious off-road enthusiast, the go-to choice must be steel.

These bumpers often feature pre-drilled holes for the attachment of a number of accessories such as winches and heavy-duty lighting. There’s also the fact that a heavy-duty bumper enhances the truck’s appearance – it adds to that aura of ‘ruggedness.’

3. Quality

Aftermarket bumper designers often reverse engineer their offerings based on the designs of the original manufacturer – however, when they undertake the design process they also have the opportunity to correct any weaknesses that may be found in the original equipment.

This is why many aftermarket bumpers boast better functionality and toughness than the original parts. The key is identifying an aftermarket manufacturer that has built a great reputation. The first step is to find a trusted mechanic who will be able to advise the driver of which manufacturers produce parts that match their individual requirements.

An aftermarket truck bumper ticks all the right boxes for drivers who are using their vehicles as workhorses, for those who want a town runabout or those who love the dirt, dust, and mud that are part of the off-road lifestyle. It’s a choice well worth investigating when it comes to quality part upgrades to your truck.

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