3 Best Exhaust Systems for Silverados


When you’ve got the best truck, you only want the best parts for it. Aftermarket exhausts are one of the top mods because they change your truck’s style, performance, and muffler note with a straightforward installation. Consider these designs whether you’re looking for Chevy Silverado 2500 HD exhaust systems or units for other sub-models:

Aftermarket Exhausts 101

Most aftermarket exhausts are cat-back, meaning they replace everything from behind the catalytic converter to the tip. They provide a boost to your engine’s power by getting the exhaust gases out faster and letting more oxygen into your combustion chambers. More aggressive setups such as header-back systems exist, but many of them don’t meet more stringent pollution regulations. If you want to pass your smog test, it’s best to stick with the cat-back style. Many of the cat-back systems only require bolt-on installation, so you can even do the work yourself.

One important thing to keep in mind is that a split exhaust is not the same as a true dual exhaust. A split exhaust is taking the single pipe of your standard exhaust and splitting it with a Y-pipe. True dual exhausts have two pipes to evacuate more of the spent gases from your engine. Modifying a single into a dual is difficult and expensive. While there are some horsepower benefits, it can be difficult to get these systems to pass pollution regulations.

1. Single Passenger Side Rear

There are three main reasons to get an aftermarket exhaust system: performance, aesthetics, and sound. Most cat-back designs effectively provide the same boost to horsepower, so it’s more about the look and the note. The single passenger side rear exit system is louder than the stock setup without shattering eardrums. This excellent 2019 Silverado 1500 performance exhaust style provides understated lines if you want people focused on other areas of your truck.

2. Dual Split Rear

This gives you the dual exhaust look without causing the EPA to come knocking on your door. If you want people to hear you coming, it also ramps up your muffler note to truly aggressive levels. While its loud on the outside, inside the cab the noise is fairly modest. This provides a solid combination of looks, sound, and power.

3. Quad Split Rear

If dual tips are good, then the quad tips are twice as cool. The side-by-side design of the quads is reminiscent of sportscars, giving you that old-school muscle car feel. The other benefit is the split exhaust look without the extra noise of the dual split. Even if you don’t mind a loud muffler note, a more moderate sound can keep your neighbors from getting annoyed.

For one last way to squeeze some extra juice out of your engine, look into a high-performance catalytic converter. This unit is an outstanding addition to any master flow exhaust system. An online mod shop can supply all these parts for a fraction of the price of a brick-and-mortar store. Find one with exceptional customer service and get one step closer to having the ultimate Chevy Silverado exhaust system today.

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