4 Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Do Yourself


There are many simple repairs and quick fixes you can perform even if you aren’t knowledgeable about cars. Many times YouTube or someone you know can guide you through the steps. This can include brakes, battery replacement, and oil changes.

But then, there are other things that you should leave to professionals.

Below are 4 repairs you 100% shouldn’t try to handle yourself unless you’re an experienced mechanic.

1. Windshield

Your windshield is the only thing protecting you from bugs, rocks, and other road debris. You can receive a ticket depending on the crack’s size and placement on your windshield.

Windshield replacement also requires special tools and proper training. The windshield needs to be properly fitted, secured, and sealed to prevent it from being ripped off when driving at high speed.

There are different types of glass, like OEM glass and aftermarket glass. The type of glass used will vary on the windshield strength.

You should reach out to a windshield professional with any questions – you may also want to reach out to your insurance as windshield replacement may be covered.

2. AC Repair Or Recharge

Air conditioning is a huge benefit of many modern cars, but when cold air stops blowing, don’t try to fix it yourself.

AC repairs and recharges seem easy, but they can cause further problems if not done correctly. Though the toxicity levels are low, refrigerants are toxicand can be dangerous to your health if misused. You may also waste your time and money recharging your vehicle’s AC if its refrigerant levels are low.

A vehicle AC system is closed, which means you shouldn’t have to refill it with refrigerant. Chances are, there’s a leak or a more serious issue.

Save yourself some time and money, and get your AC system checked out by a professional. You should get it checked out if your AC is making weird noises, blows hot air, or only blows cold while driving.

3. Mount Or Balancing Tires

Mounting your tires improperly can lead to flat tires. It may seem like an easy job, but if done wrong, it can be dangerous for the driver and other vehicles around. When tires are not balanced properly, they can excessively shake and cause further damage to your vehicle. Wheel balancing is necessary when getting new tires.

There are a few things that go into balancing a tire to see if it needs further inspection. Spin balancing is when the tires are analyzed to find any heavy spots that could cause vibrations. Road force balancing uses a load roller to stimulate road pressure on the tire as it spins to find imbalances.

4. Fuel System

There are many components in a car’s fuel system, like the gas tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel lines, and injectors. One thing can affect the whole system, so it’s best to leave any fuel system repairs to professionals. It can cause safety issues and affect other parts of your vehicle. A bad fuel system can cause your car to overheat and turn off while on the road.

A damaged fuel pump may make a loud noise coming from your gas tank. If your car isn’t starting or it shuts off after being on for a while, it’s more than likely your fuel system.

You may notice your vehicle struggles when going uphill or may start to misfire when upping your speed. If dirt or debris makes its way into your fuel system, it can cause clogged fuel filters.

 Final Thoughts

It’s important to know what repairs you can do on your own and what should be left to professionals. It can be tempting to save money on repairs, but if done wrong, it can cause a higher repair bill. If unsure, it’s always best to reach out to a professional first!

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