5 Quality Assured Platforms for Getting Cars in the UK

A new car is among the most significant investments most people make during their lifetime; some people even spend their entire lives saving up for a new car. However, apart from the massive financial assets, a car also becomes a significant emotional investment for many people, mainly because most of us crave material possessions. Another reason why we grow so emotionally attached to our cars is because they are with us in some of the most important milestones of our lives, such as graduations, weddings, and birthdays.

Complications in the Car Buying Process

So, without a doubt, a car has always proven to be a man’s best friend, and it is incredibly thrilling to buy a new car but what most people don’t know is that it can also be quite irritating. The financial sacrifice and purchasing a car also confuse and irritate most people.

The process requires you to spend a great deal of your time visiting the market for research purposes, and it doesn’t end here because when you visit various dealerships, you get approached by all kinds of salespeople who want you to buy from their place of business. This often clouds your judgment, and you end up being influenced by something that you didn’t plan on in the first place or, in some cases, buy the car at higher prices.

The Rise of Online Platforms

Due to such reasons, the traditional car-buying process deflates even the most enthusiastic customers, leading them to the online car-buying process. The online platforms provide intelligent search engines to help you buy a new car. Researching and purchasing a car has never been easier, as these online platforms allow you to gather all the information required to make an informed purchase.

These platforms also allow you to compare multiple cars in your price range make decisions on your terms without any foreign influence. However, there are various platforms in the automotive game now, and honestly, it can get quite confusing when you choose one because they are almost identical. Today, we will provide you with a few quality assured platforms to help you find your favorite car in the UK.

1. CarGurus

One of the key reasons we believe CarGurus is a high-quality platform is that it is one of the most popular automotive buying destinations in the UK. You can use the platform to find new and used cars; CarGurus provides an efficient filter system that allows you to filter, sort, and narrow down your search by setting your preferences.

The platform even lets you get pre-qualified; you get an idea of what you can afford beforehand, and the best part about it is that your credit score won’t get affected.

A fantastic thing about CarGurus is that they have a car ranking system, and they pride themselves on unbiased rankings. The deals on this platform are ranked from “great deal” to “overpriced,” which creates unique information transparency on the forum.

2. Autotrader

Some platforms are good at some things and bad at some, but Autotrader is an all-rounder; it is the most recognized marketplace in the UK and has a massive volume of car listings. The number of listings on Autotrader is more than three million, and its reach plays a significant role in its quality assurance.

The platform has an excellent reputation because of its unique and high-end features; the most notable quality is the search filter with almost every option. Apart from the primary search filters such as make, model, mileage, and year, the platform also includes transmission type, interior color, tires, technology, etc.

The platform also provides the customer with research guides, making the process much less daunting; Autotrader also consistently publishes articles on car-related articles. When you use the forum, you also use the financing calculators and can even apply for loans.

3. Clutch 

Since we are talking about quality assured car buying platforms in the UK, we cannot just skip Clutch. Quality assurance is the most emphasized characteristic of this platform mainly because the platform sells vehicles with a 90-day quality guarantee. If an issue comes up with the car within 90 days of purchase, the dealership will take care of it, free of cost.

They also provide a 10-day return policy which means if you don’t like the car, you can return it, and the pickup will be completely free. Clutch also prides itself on its 210-point inspection; this inspection system ensures that all their vehicles are in the best condition. The platform also has more than 300 positive reviews, and all these attributes make it a strong candidate.

4. AutoCoinCars

Cryptocurrencies have been taking over the world by storm, and every day more, and more people are getting into the crypto space. AutoCoinCars is arguably the unique car buying platform on this list and in the UK. Their payment method makes them unique; unlike other platforms, AutoCoinCars allows you to make purchases with cryptocurrency.

By capitalizing on that factor, AutoCoinCars provides their customers a way to buy cars with different digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. They have been in the crypt-car game for a long time, and the proof of that is their long list of partnered dealerships.

Apart from their unique payment processing methods, AutoCoinCars are also famous for their top-quality customer services; they are also known for their low purchase fee and easy-to-use system. These factors make them one of the top contenders to buy cars for sale UK.

5. YesAuto

 YesAuto is one of the most user-friendly car buying platforms; they are relatively new in-game but have excellent reviews. They constantly ensure that they provide the best and the most simple customer experience. They have some of the most attractive graphics and a well-organized platform; YesAuto also allows potential customers to score cars based on their likes.

The most fun part about this platform is that they have a 360 panoramic VR technology that allows visitors to have an exciting experience at home. The platform has financial aid system and a build your function, which will enable you to configure the kind of car you want to buy; you can start from wheels and body to interior upholstery.

Final Note

They were some of the best and quality assured platforms from which you can buy cars in the UK; however, the key for quality assurance lies in the research. It would be best if you tried to gather as much information as you can before buying a car, and you would be good to go. Since information is the key, it is natural that the most transparent platforms are the ones that would provide the best quality.

But don’t forget that you can still trust a reputable local car dealership, too. For example, if you live in Shropshire, Budgen Motors is an excellent choice for getting new and used cars in the area.