5 Reasons You Need a Car in College


Cars are an essential part of life. They make moving from one place to another easily. The question that most parents ask themselves is, “Should I buy my child a car when they start college?” There may not be a direct answer to this question just like in case when you’re wondering whether you should use the coursework service EssayWritingService.com or forget about EssayWritingService and handle the task yourself.

Some colleges do not encourage first-year students to own cars. What are the reasons behind that policy? Here are a few that you should know:

  • Reduce parking problems

As many students come with cars to campus, parking becomes a problem due to the significant number of vehicles. Because most colleges have a large number of first-years, the solution is to prevent them from coming with cars to college.

  • Safety

College administrations prevent first-years from having cars for their safety. Some students may drive under the influence and cause accidents, thereby risking their lives and those of other students.

  • Experience campus

First-years are encouraged to leave their cars at home and live on campus to experience life within campus.

Is it essential to have a car in college? Here are the top reasons to consider having a car on campus:

You Can Leave Campus at Your Convenience

College is not always about studies. There are times when you are tired and need a place where you can relax and refresh your mind as you prepare for more grueling academic tasks the next day. When you have a car, it is easy for you to move around.

With a car, you can select different options. You can decide to attend a concert that is several miles from your college, take your friends for dinner, or go for a date. The ability to conveniently move out of campus at any time you want is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Therefore, you should not take it for granted.

It Is Possible to Offer Assistance to Your Friends

Making friends while you are on campus is important. These are the people who will help you both on campus and after graduation. The bond of friendship becomes even stronger when you are there for your friends when they need you.

At times, your friends may need the convenience of a car because they are moving to a different location, transporting something that may not be appropriate with bus travel, or need assistance to reach the airport. When you have a car, you can assist them in such situations, just like you can get help from a essay writing service.

It Is Easy to Organize Road Trips


College is not all about attending classes and sitting for exams. It would be best if you enjoyed your campus years by having a wholesome experience. One of the ways to ensure that your campus years are exciting is to organize several road trips.

However, you can only enjoy these trips if you can conveniently move to and from the location of the trip. In addition to traveling smoothly, a car enables you to carry all the materials that you need for the journey. Therefore, you can enjoy the whole experience.

You Can Attend an Off-Campus Internship

As a student, you need to build your professional profile. That involves looking for internships and job opportunities that are related to the course that you are pursuing. Besides, you also get income that will help cater to your expenses in college.

Although you can work off-campus without a car, having one makes the logistics easier for you. There are no reasons to worry about the location of the job. You can easily travel to and from the office.

You Can Save Money When You Have a Car

Your success on campus is dependent on how you work on your finances. When you can budget prudently, you reduce the chances of being stressed because of money issues. Therefore, you can comfortably study and record improved grades.

Although car ownership may mean that you spend more, it can also help you save money. For instance, you can easily move to stores where items are sold at discounted prices. Moreover, you can shop in bulk because it is easy for you to carry the goods. With better purchasing deals, you do not worry about your finances.

The Last Word

Having a car in college comes with many benefits. However, you should ensure that you purchase a vehicle that suits you. Therefore, take time before you settle on a given car model. You can only enjoy these advantages when you have the best car and know how to operate it.

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