5 Steps To Restore Your Car After A Truck Accident


When your car is involved in a truck accident, the consequences can be extreme. It can result in catastrophic injuries or even death, depending on the impact of the collision.

But more than the injuries, being a part of a truck accident can also result in your car needing expensive repairs. Typically, a damaged automobile can significantly affect your overall mobility, including your family schedule, commute time, and many more.

Car Restoration Procedures

If you’re looking to restore your car after an accident, below are the five steps to consider from the get-go:

1. File An Insurance Claim

The first step toward restoring your car after a truck accident is to submit a claim to the insurance company. Once you’re aware of the damages to your vehicle, be sure to contact the insurance firm as soon as possible to report what happened. From there, follow the instructions they give regarding all the documentation related to the collision.

When the paperwork is ready, file a claim and make sure to keep copies of all the documents. Also, find out from the insurance company the specific time limitations for submitting your claims to avoid waiving your right to do so.

Lastly, it’s important to know that accident claims take some time before they can be approved. Hence, you should begin the process as soon as possible to ensure you only pay few costs out of pocket. Since truck accidents could be devastating and could result in serious damages, it can be a good idea to hire a reliable truck accident lawyer to help you with the claims process and ensure a more favorable outcome.

2. Provide Documentation Of The Car Damage

Restoring your car after a truck accident can be made easier and faster if you’re able to document the damage as this can streamline the processing of your claims. Because of this, make sure to provide documentation of what happened by taking photos of the car, including dings and dents. In case you have no phone or camera to use, list down all the visible damages you notice in your car.

By doing this, you can easily prove to the insurance company the extent of your car damage as a result of the truck accident.

3. Get Your Car To A Safe Location

If you want to restore your car and get it fixed following a truck accident, then it’s essential to bring it to a safe location. But you have to do it after informing the insurance company about what happened and after documenting the damage.

When it comes to moving your vehicle, you have two options. If the damage affects your ability to drive it, contact a towing company so you can have it towed and brought to a safe place. In case there’s nobody to assist you, call a friend who knows how to tow a car and bring it to your home. However, if the damage isn’t too serious that you can still maneuver it, drive it home, and have it picked up by the company providing repairs.

4. Get Your Car Inspected

To facilitate the restoration of your car after a truck accident, it’s best to have it inspected by a recommended auto body shop. By inspecting the vehicle, you can figure out whether the insurance company will consider the total repair costs or only a portion thereof. Once the inspection is conducted, you can now ask for an estimate so you can have an overview of the necessary repairs.

Moreover, by having an estimate, you can properly decide on how you can make the most out of the insurance company. After all, most offer specific monetary amounts to cover repairs, which is why you should know how you can best use the money to get your car fixed.

5. Do The Repairs

The final step is the completion of the necessary repairs by an automotive expert. When it comes to collision repairs, you must work with a team specializing in crash damage. Also, to ensure a more favorable outcome, you should work closely with the repair shop so you’ll be updated with the progress. Remember, the earlier you conduct the repairs, the sooner you can restore your car.

Bottom Line

Generally, you must know how to respond to the incident so you can begin your recovery and get your normal life back in no time. That’s why you shouldn’t waste time taking the necessary steps after getting into a truck accident and these can include repairing your damaged car. If you want to have your vehicle restored, keep these steps in mind and you’ll be in the right direction.

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