6 Common Camping Mistakes to Avoid as a First-Time Camper


No matter how prepared you are for your first camping trip, there’s always a chance you’ll face harsh challenges and make mistakes.

While making mistakes helps you learn from there, there are some mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Here are some big camping mistakes you should be aware of to avoid any problems.

Packing Too Much Luggage

If you’re thinking about packing something for every situation, then you’re already making a mistake. Camping is about exploring and getting back to a simple life. Pack less and take note of things you’ll actually need.

Instead of focusing on useless stuff, pack your essentials first to ensure you don’t forget anything. Not knowing what to pack or forgetting essentials is another major blunder first-timers make.

Not Checking the Equipment

Since most first-time campers have never set up a tent in their lives until now, it’s best to figure that out before it’s time for the real thing.

Packing untested and unopened camping gear could lead to a lot of trouble. Test out everything you’re taking with you at least a week before you leave for camping.

Leaving Food Out in the Open

Food is one of the most interesting factors of going camping. But, leaving the food you bring with you unattended is one of the biggest mistakes a camper can make.

Unwanted food will attract unwanted visitors like animals and bugs. Throwing leftover food in a trash bin won’t help either. Wrap up your leftovers, store them in sealed areas, and clean up whatever is left behind.

Not Paying Attention to Plants

You’ll likely come across certain dangerous plants like poison oak, poison sumac, or poisonous mushrooms when you’re out in the wild. In many cases, even an accidental brush against such a plant could lead to serious rashes all over your body.

So, knowing the plants you could run into when camping is essential. Get a plant identification guide online or at a bookstore and look for the potential dangers in your campsite.

Getting to the Site Too Late

The main reason why experienced campers get up early and start camping when the sun is still out is so they don’t have any issues with setting up equipment. Setting up camp in the dark, especially on an unfamiliar site, is quite difficult and frustrating.

Not only does getting to your site early allow you to set up equipment in a good area, but it also gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with what’s around you.

Not Taking Sufficient Lighting

A lot of people don’t realize how dark it can get under the stars unless they have sufficient lighting equipment. An ordinary torch won’t be enough to illuminate your campsite.

If you’re going to be out there for long, get battery-powered or solar lanterns. You can even attach camping solar panels for 4×4 vehicles to ensure you always have electricity. Multiple head torches and camping lanterns are also a great way to light up the whole place.

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