8 Things to Remember While Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is intriguing, but it can become dangerous than driving a car if you aren’t aware of the proper riding techniques. Many riders lose their lives while performing stunts or taking a wrong action step in case of emergencies. Moreover, a motorcycle rider is exposed to external factors that make him even more vulnerable to getting hurt. Hence, a motorcycle rider has to keep on learning new things until he masters the riding art.

If you wish to become a flawless motorcycle rider, you would have to follow certain things that help you maintain the right posture and teaches you the action steps for specific situations. You would have to learn about the basics of a fluent riding mechanism and keep them in mind whenever you hit the road. In this article, we have mentioned eight things to remember while riding a motorcycle, which you can follow to have safer riding experience. You can also check simplemotorcycleguide.com for additional topics related to motorcycle guides and product reviews.

1. Be attentive while finding escape paths

An essential thing to remember while riding a motorcycle is to be attentive to the escape paths. Sometimes, other vehicles would enter your travel path, and you would require finding an immediate escape path to continue with the current speed limit. You may need to think quickly and decide whether turning right or left would be best for you.

Don’t get confused by over thinking. Just be mindful of other vehicles and see if there’s no problem taking a right turn or left turn. In case you go on the left side, check if there are any guard rails that can put you in the danger of being stuck between the vehicle and barriers. Also, make sure that there is no debris on your escape path and try to get back into the lane as soon as you can.

2. Ride according to your skills

It is obvious that riding a motorcycle is thrilling and exciting, but you have to stay disciplined and ride according to your skills. Try not to be overexcited and avoid going above the current skill level if you aren’t comfortable in tackling difficult situations. Sometimes you might feel the urge to mimic your favorite rider, but remember that most of the riders are experienced and are skilled to ride after years of experience. You can keep learning about the small things that push you a level up but never try to go at a faster pace while you are on the learning curve.

3. Maintain safe speed

Whenever you are riding on an empty road, you would try to ride at a higher speed, but the situation becomes tricky when you are riding in a road filled with heavy traffic. In such times, you have to maintain a safe speed that gives you enough time to react to other vehicle’s actions. If you ride at a safe speed, you would be attentive to the surroundings and be capable of maneuvering in case of difficult situations.

4. Pay attention at intersections

Most accidents occur at road intersections as some drivers forget to blow a horn and give a signal to vehicles coming from other directions. At times, the motorcycle riders become more vulnerable to accidents as they remain unseen as compared to other vehicles. Hence, whenever you reach an intersection, remember to slow down and pay attention to the approaching vehicles.

You can also cover your controls if you need to change the directions and take the escape path. Stopping altogether would also be preferable in such cases, but make sure you provide relevant signals to vehicles coming from behind. Thus, as a motorcycle rider, you have to always pay attention at intersections for your safety.

5. Be aware of other cars

There will be several other vehicles larger than your motorcycle on the road. Thus, you have to be aware of their space, weight, and size. You will also have to be defensive at all times as being on a smaller vehicle; you would be more capable of maneuvering than other vehicles. Additionally, you would hardly be visible to some vehicles. Hence, make sure to be aware of your space and stay out of other vehicles’ blind spots.

6. Know where to look while riding a motorcycle

Being on a motorcycle, you would be able to see everything that passes around or comes in your way. Hence, to stay on a safe side, you have to keep your head up and look at the horizon for utmost safety. This doesn’t mean you cannot turn your head here and there, but make sure you know what’s coming in your way. Check if there is any debris or obstacles that you need to tackle and adjust your ride on the way.

7. Know how to tackle road hazards

Many roads contain obstacles like dips, road debris, bumps, or potholes, which add difficulties in riding on a busy road. You can notice and avoid such obstacles while the road is empty, but the problem arises when the road is filled with other vehicles. Thus, you have to look at the vehicles in front and see how they are moving. Sometimes the vehicles would change their position to avoid something coming in their way, which you can take as an indication and follow them. You should also remember that at times a vehicle can drive over some potholes which you may need to swerve around.

8. Ride mindfully in the vicinity of other vehicles

When there is a traffic jam, you would be surrounded by various small and big size vehicles. During such times, you have to decide relevant position for your vehicle and stay away from the blind spot of others. Also, remember to follow a 2-second distance rule as it gives you enough reaction time to adjust your motorcycle’s position.


If you want to feel comfortable and safe while riding on a motorcycle, make sure you remember the essential things mentioned in this article. They will also help you become a disciplined rider and save lives in times of emergencies.