A brief overview of the esports team

For many years, have you just played the role of spectator of the league of legends championship trophy or DOTA 2 tournament match? But this time you want to think differently. You are planning to be part of a professional esports team.  If you are interested in doing so but do not have any idea of making a team.

The guidance required for making a professional team in esports

Let’s check the steps from e-tripura.com guide:

  • To begin an esports team, the novice needs to start from the basic knowledge. Initially, he should not jump to the idea of making various teams. Making several teams indicates that he gets less time for spending on managing and concentrating on each one. This is required for enhancing the quality of the team. The beginner needs to emphasize building up the first team before jumping on the creating second one.
  • Picking up the right one is very important for team making. You should choose that game in which you have sufficient knowledge, gameplay, and advanced mechanics. Before choosing an esports team, it can be said that the team maker should know the game’s rules, characters, and many others. That means he should have played this sport earlier.
  • Do you aspire to be a coach or player? Then you have to play the game decently. The good gamers are always searching for good players and have a high command of this game and if this happens, it can be said that he is competent to become a coach or able to play the good gamers.
  • After that, the next step is to select the area of creating the esports team. Initially, you can start from a geographically small area where one can easily communicate with the other teams live. The geographic area of your team is required for branding the team.
  • The team name is another important factor for team making. Because the name attracts the people and brings awareness among them. The team logo will increase the interest among the people.
  • Now it is time, to sum up all the talented members as players in your team. Initially, you can start by taking your friends as your team player.
  • By visiting local events, you can select the players for your team.
  • Before playing the game, you have to make sure that you have sufficient tools to play the game.
  • For saving money, you can rent a team game server.

The story of a famous esports teams

Evil Geniuses: It participated in more than 60 tournament programs and won almost 80% of prize money from DOTA 2, MOBA.

OG: This team is the second rank holder after the team liquid. This team has had huge success in DOTA 2. This team became the winner of the international championship in 2018 and 2019.

Team Liquid: It has played a total of 1837 tournaments.

Fnatic: The 4th rank holder team not only gets the prize money for DOTA 2 but also league of legends.

Virtus.pro: This team became professional in 2012. This team won the MOBA and ESL championships. The team has regularly been participating in DOTA 2 since the 2015 international championship.