Amazing Car Photography with help of Shutter Speed


With the help of shutter speed on your camera you can create some great car pictures. Shutter speed or exposure is one of the three components that controls the amount of light coming into a camera as does ISO and aperture. By changing the shutter speed on your camera lets you decide the length of time that light is allowed in. The longer the shutter is open, the more light comes into your camera. When you have the camera set at a long shutter speed, you’re allowing more light in so it will result in brighter pictures. The shorter amount of time you have your shutter is open, the darker the images will be. 

Slow Shutter Speed

A motorway at night with lots of lights can be an awesome setting for car photography when using a slow shutter speed. As the cars are driving, the front headlights and the rear lights will be seen on each of the motorways. Both the taillights and headlights will leave a trail behind them as the motorway will remain still. 

How Do I Take A Photograph Of Cars At Nighttime On A Motorway With A Slow Shutter Speed?

To gain this effect your camera should be set at 30 second shutter speed or more. You can set the ISO at the lowest setting as you’re taking the picture with a slow shutter speed. If your camera’s ISO goes as low as 100, or whatever it allows you, set it at this to make sure you get the highest photograph quality possible. There should be very little to no noise in the image. If you have access to a tripod you should use it, as it lowers the chance of the camera shaking. Conditions above a highway can often be a bit windy. Try and put off going on a very windy night as these conditions can often make it very difficult to take a good photograph. If you don’t have a tripod, try and find some type of object to hold the camera still instead of holding the camera with your hands. Also, if the camera allows you to take the picture with a remote, use it. This will reduce the chances of the camera shaking. Be sure to bring a spare memory card with you, or a card with lots of space as you may have to take numerous photos until you get the right one. 

Fast Shutter Speed For Car Photography

If you want to get a clear shot of a car, slow shutter speed will give your photograph a blurry image. If you have your camera set with a faster shutter speed then your camera will freeze the action. If you would like to shoot a car moving fast on a racetrack try starting the shutter speed at 1/500. If the image is blurred due to the fast movement of the car you can go higher. If you change the setting to manual mode, understand that you’ll need to change both the aperture and the ISO. Try setting the camera at f/10. This will help the car to stay in focus. Be aware that your camera will not be letting much light in as your shutter speed is set high. Shooting with a higher ISO might help. To know more about shutter speed you can find out lots of reviews online. 

Continuous Shooting

Continuous shooting allows you to take as many photographs as you like until you take your finger off the shutter speed button. As cars on race courses tend to drive fast, it can be very difficult to get the shot that you want. Some drive so fast that you might miss the car entirely. To make sure this doesn’t happen you can shoot the cars in continuous mode. You will get lots of shots of what you are aiming for. When you put the images up on your computer you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Having continuous mode on for shooting a moving car, or any fast moving object is vital. 


If you set the correct shutter speed, and enable the continuous shooting mode to take a picture of fast moving cars, it is all pointless unless the subject is in focus. The majority of cameras nowadays have a few different auto focusing options. One for still objects, one to track moving objects and the other a mixture of both. For taking a shot of a moving car you should probably go with the track moving object setting. Focusing manually on a moving car could prove to be very hard.

If you want to trod down the nostalgic road by taking photos of classic cars, here are some essential tips.

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