Are American Cars Junk?


Cars, in general, are one of the most efficient and reliable creations ever made by humankind. That is mainly because it’s possible to perform multiple tasks thanks to the existence of these wonderful vehicles. For example, it wouldn’t be possible to move from point A to point B while saving energy and moving as fast as traffic allows without owning a car. Also, you can’t save time travelling long distances if you don’t manage to own a personal car. However, one thing that is pretty characteristic of cars is that there are tons of brands and carmakers around the globe. Some of them are extremely popular and well-known worldwide, like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Aston Martin, and many others.

Those examples are car brands that are easily recognized in European countries because they were made in Italy, Germany, and the UK. Still, for some reason, these days, when it comes to American cars and car brands, their reputation among the masses leaves something to be desired. That often confuses tons of people looking to buy their first car or add another one to their collection, so that’s why in today’s article, we will discover if American cars are junk or if it’s just a myth.

Are American Cars Junk?

To put everything into context, some of the most popular American car brands are widely recognized by the names of Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. These companies are known as The Big Three. They represent a rich history of innovation, adaptation, and overcoming the obstacles of those days gone by when the world was dealing with other massive problems. There is no way you haven’t heard about these brands at least once in your life, and in case that you haven’t, you might want to try and refresh your memory with the names of Chevrolet, Jeep, and Dodge.

Now that you have an idea about what kind of cars we are going to talk about, it’s time we answer the main question of this article. In simple words, no, American cars are not junk. In fact, they are as reliable as other traditional brands. Depending on the model of your vehicle, maintenance and years of usage, you could even have a car that performs better than other European car models. Even at the end of your American car’s life, they are extremely popular at cash for junk car traders.

Why the Stigma?

But if these American cars are not junk, why do people on the internet and TV claim that they are inferior to their overseas competitors? Well, in the case of the internet, you can’t ever expect to arrive at a single possible answer, as tons of individuals will claim that they have suffered from issues with their cars. Still, they don’t always tell the whole story.

Maybe they are the ones at fault, and it is not a secret that you can find tons of people who don’t know how to maintain their car in the US. Improper vehicle upkeep can lead to massive engineering and mechanical issues in the future due to the neglect directly or indirectly of your vehicle. Vehicular neglect is not good at all as you could end up shorting the life span of your car’s vital components, so it’s always good to be more informed and up to date with maintenance.

When American Cars Break Down

However, no car is perfect, and any car can break down over time, becoming a junk car even though it was well-made. If, for whatever reason, your American-made car starts failing, doesn’t turn on, or it starts leaking from any mechanical component, then you can not drive it anymore and just keep it stored in your garage. But, if you want to get something back for your vehicle, you can usually get cash for junk cars from a junk car depot or recycling centre like Pick-n-Pull.

One major benefit of owning an American car is that they are great for refurbishing. Since many American vehicles use common parts, the cash pile will usually be larger when you go get cash for junk cars than if you trade in cars from overseas. That’s because the parts in American cars are needed for refurbishing enthusiasts, and they’re usually willing to buy your salvaged parts at a premium.


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