Are mileage blockers illegal?


It’s a well-known fact that low mileage is associated with a longer lifespan for a vehicle. For that reason, before selling an auto, some drivers try to change existing data on the odometer. That way they can hide the actual condition of the maintenance, and earn more money out of the sale. Unsurprisingly, any buyer prefers to get a car with lower mileage. Given the importance of mileage data, there appeared many types of odometer devices that can correct, rewind, reverse, and change actual data. Nonetheless, those devices might be very popular; it doesn’t mean that all of them are legal to use. Below we will compare odometer blocker from and other devices.

Car mileage blocker vs Other devices

Car mileage blocker vs Other devices

There are many odometer devices with different names. You will find speedometer calibration, odometer correction, mileage changer tools. Sometimes Mileage Blocker is also referred to many other terms, such as odometer blocker, mileage stopper, can blocker, and in some instances as a mileage correction, as well. Due to the big variety, it is crucial to know what distinguishes odometer blocker purchased at from other devices.

Eligibility of odometer blocker and mileage changer

There are many differences between odometer blocker and mileage changer tools. The first and most important difference is eligibility criteria. The odometer blocker offered by is an ethical device, compared to other tools.

Using correction tools for deceitful purposes is illegal! Mileage fraud is prohibited under the state laws.

What distinguishes mileage stopper from others?

Mileage stopper is meant for stopping the mileage in a car while testing its performance. It doesn’t change the data on your car but avoids you counting extra miles. The tool helps you to avoid adding unnecessary miles on odometer data while testing its performance.

Kilometer stopper compatibility

Kilometer stopper compatibility

The other thing that distinguishes a kilometer stopper from other devices is its compatibility. You can find a kilometer stopper for almost any car model at Programmers write software specifically for each manufacturer and model to make sure it works flawlessly.

Mileage blocker installation

Mileage blocker from has many unique features that make it so easy to use. First of all, installation doesn’t require soldering or cutting wires. You can easily install the tool using the DIY instruction. The installation might take up to several minutes.

Mileage programmer specification

The mileage programmer tool has many benefits. Besides the fact that it is easy to use, most importantly the mileage doesn’t increase spontaneously, after removal. Notably, selected settings are saved unconditionally. Hence, you don’t have to spend time selecting settings after detachment of the tool.


All in all, nonetheless there are many different devices on the market, now you know what distinguishes the mileage blocker from others. Besides, most importantly we’ve learned that the only ethical way to stay on the safe side and avoid unpleasant circumstances, is to use a mileage stopper instead of correction tools. I’m sure you will enjoy using the tool!

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