Attitudes that Could Prevent Your Car Dealer from Negotiating with You


Negotiation is essential when getting a car lease. You need to negotiate how much you need to pay each month. You also negotiate the length of the contract or the termination fee if you decide to end the lease before the expiry date. You might also want to negotiate the mileage cap to use the car over a longer distance.

Before you meet with your dealer, you need to prepare yourself for a tedious negotiation process. It will be a problematic tug-of-war until both of you reach a compromise. Most dealers are willing to negotiate with you as long as you display a positive attitude in the process. These are the attitudes that could turn the dealer off and prevent you from getting a good deal.


You need to be humble when you enter the showroom. Be in a mode to negotiate. If you appear too arrogant, you might irritate the dealer and they might decide to cancel any deal on the table. You are asking for a favour, so you need to be friendly.


You need to have a poker face when you talk to your dealer. Even if you are already itching to close the deal, you cannot show it. This attitude is not irritating, but it sends a message to the dealer that you are going to get the car anyway. There is no point in negotiating with you since you will be okay regardless of the terms.

Being unreasonable

Negotiation is a compromise between you and a dealer. You need to be reasonable during the process. You cannot tell your dealer that you want an amount which is drastically lower than the original offer. Instead of meeting you halfway, the dealer will most likely say no since even halfway is still way higher than you expected. You need to study the prices of the cars and compare them with the offer from the dealer before you give a counter-offer. Be reasonable during the negotiation to get a good deal.

Lack of interest

It is one thing to have a poker face during the negotiation, but it is another to show lack of interest. Your dealer will not even speak with you if you only pass by and look at the options before leaving. It is not like shopping in a department store where you do things alone rather than having someone guiding you throughout the process. With a car lease, it helps if you allow the dealer to explain the features of the car before you receive an offer. Even if you already know some of the features and you understand how the deal works, you still need to appear interested.

Be smart in negotiating and try your best to get the deal that you want. You can also check out other cheap car lease deals from qualified dealers if the option you are currently looking at does not satisfy you.

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