Basic Tips How to Drive Efficiently and Save Gas


Rising cases of accidents on roads globally has lead to a need for good driving habits. Good driving habits are absolutely necessary because they not only ensure a driver’s safety, but the safety of other road users and motorists as well. It does not matter whether you drive a regular car, an RV, a fuel guzzler or an eco-friendly car that runs on bio-gas, driving well can do a great deal of good.

In the wake of increased global concerns about the environment and financial challenges, people are best advised to drive fuel efficient cars where possible. This is because, in addition to reducing fuel costs, fuel efficient cars also help save Mother Nature by reducing pollution caused by car emissions. The fact that modern fuel efficient cars, which are in most cases also eco-friendly cars; offer the same performance as normal cars but with the added advantage of conserving the environment make them ideal.

Apart from driving fuel efficient cars, there are other driving tips that can save you gas, protect the environment and make driving your car a more wholesome and safe experience.

Things to Consider When Driving

Step 1

Drive sensibly. Avoid aggressive driving, including speeding, rapid braking and acceleration. This can help lower your gas mileage by 33 percent at highway speeds and 5 percent around town, giving you more mileage. Sensible driving also minimizes your vehicle’s tear and wear and is safe for you and other road users.

Step 2

Observe speed limits. Usually, gas mileage decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph. Driving at 85mph on a motorway can consume about 30 percent more fuel than driving at 70mph on the same motorway. Keep within the set speed limits to save on gas and because it is safe for you and other road users.

Step 3

Drive at a constant speed on the high way to Texas holdem. Use cruise control feature on your vehicle to maintain a steady speed on the high way. In most cases maintaining a constant speed on the high way will save you significant amount of gas and reduce your vehicle’s emissions.

Step 4

Engage overdrive gears. Overdrive gearing lowers your car’s engine speed leading to reduced rate of engine wear and saving you gas.

Step 5

Avoid idling for long periods of time on the road. Unnecessary idling wastes gas because you get 0 miles per gallon of gas. Vehicles with larger engines waste more gas.

Enjoy Efficient Driving!

While these tips are not conclusive in that they are only pointers towards adopting sensible driving habits, when followed they can go a long way to ensure that you are on the right track to efficient and responsible driving. The beauty of responsible driving is that it can lead to more and more people being better drivers. This will ultimately results in not only saving lives and conserving the environment; but also result in greater enjoyment of safe and efficient driving. Indeed you can save Mother Nature while enjoying efficient driving!

Best 7 Driving Gas Saving Green Tips

This country has been talking about going green for many years. However, with big business lobbying the government and the natural resistance to change this is proving to be a difficult task. Now with the cost of gas today, everyone is searching for ways to save on their ever increasing car expenses.

Going green, when driving, is an excellent strategy for reducing automotive gas costs. Following the tips listed below will not only save money, these tips also contribute to saving the environment. With global warming becoming an increasing concern, anyone who follows these tips contributes to sustaining our planet’s natural health.

Gas Saving Green Driving Tips

Empty the Car of Excess Weight

Many people are in the habit of placing things in their car or trunk and carrying them around for days, weeks, or more. The first tip is to take everything out of the car that is not necessary. The added weight reduces miles per gallon, adding more pollution to the air.

Keep Car Tires Inflated

Under inflated tires cause tires to make more contact with road’s surface, increasing resistance. This requires the engine to use more energy to maintain desired speed. This reduces miles per gallon, adding more pollution to the air. Keep tires inflated to recommended air pressure.

Slow Down

Driving fast, rapid acceleration, and hard breaking due to driving fast can lead to a decrease in a car’s engine efficiency up to one third. This reduces miles per gallon, adding to air pollution.

Slow down, accelerate slower, and decrease speed slowing when coming to an intersection.

Purchase a More Efficient Car

You may love your old car, love driving a SUV, or love that big 8 cylinder engine; however, the environment does not love these types of cars. They use more gas, are heavy, and add more pollution to the air.

Think about switching to a newer more fuel economical car, such as a hybrid. According the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), hybrid cars can get up to three times the fuel efficiency of older and heavier cars.

Car Pool

Car pooling with co-workers is a good method of saving money and the environment. Fewer cars on the road means decreased air pollution and a decrease in the effects of global warming.

Ride the Bus

If you live in a community that provides public transportation, ride the bus. Buses have the advantage of special bus lanes or they can use car pool lanes during rush hour. This is an especially good idea for commuters.

You can sleep, read, work, or just enjoy the scenery while someone else fights the traffic. Each bus can typically remove up to 30 cars from the road according to the EPA. This decrease in cars on the road reduces air pollution.

Telecommute to Work

Telecommute whenever possible. Ask permission to telecommute to work one day a week or even more. Many employers allow employees to telecommute as long as they are productive from home.

Some employees treat it as a day off with pay and quickly lose the opportunity. So treat it like a normal work day, except you are working from your home computer.

These seven gas saving green driving tips are all designed to help save the environment and the ever increasing effects of global warming in the long term. They also provide financial relief for car owners in the short term. Think about how many cars you have had in your life time and compare that with how many planets are available.

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