Best Ways to Fully Utilize Gift Card Without Any Residual Balance


If you once received gift card on you birthday or just purchased it in the closest store, you should have already tried to buy some stuff, like things for the house or maybe just dinner at the restaurant. However, there might be typical situation, after returning from your favorite Sonic fast-food restaurant you check your Sonic gift card balance online and figure out there are some very small amount money left on it. Be proactive and always track your gift card balance. Several cards have definite expiration date or period of useful activity.

Whenever you encounter such problem, you start thinking how to fully use it. For the majority people the idea of just asking somebody at the cash to split the payment between gift card and regular card might come. However, this may rather create uncomfortable or even awkward situation nobody would like to be participated. And there are millions of such situations when people find out they have residual balance on gift cards. Based on the Customer records, provided by Gartner Inc, around 30% of Americans have 2 or more gift cards with some money left. Around 45% of them responders confirmed their Balance ranges from $20 to $25. All that money left on gift cards in most cases considered as unused and become forgotten and lost forever. In 2019 such amount of unused money has reached around $1 billion according to Gartner Inc.

Go and quickly check your gift card residual balance and if you have such – do not miss our tips how to fully use it.

Gift cards used only in unique stores

First, ask the seller to give you cash back. Several States have their own regulations that demand issuers of gift cards to redeem cards with very small amount of money left on it. Stores and shops in California are obliged to provide you cash in exchange of gift card with the Balance less than $10. In different states the conditions could slightly change. In a case your state doesn’t provide you such opportunity, still try to ask person at cash to take your money out from your gift card – some companies have specific policies and rules. In exceptional cases, even without such policies existed, cashiers could understand your situation and solve your problem easily.

There is also a good option to check whether your gift card can be used in other stores which are connected to issuing card company. Maybe, you could even find something useful for yourself that is in line with your budget. A GAP gift card may be also used in Athleta and Old Navy. Darden Restaurants have the same owners as Yard House or Olive Garden.

Gift cards used in global stores

Owners of Visa or American Express gift cards collided more than once situations when they couldn’t fully utilize their balances online by purchasing items they want. Whenever you buy online, you need to input card number which is placed on the back side of the card. And in all online web-stores there is only one card field to input, which means only one card may be used – either debit or credit card, or you gift card. It is impossible to use both for the same purchase. “If you want to purchase an item for $5 bucks with the gift card where you have only $4.75, your transaction will be surely declined,” says Emily Shawn, shopping expert. However, several options still exist.

Walmart and Amazon give an opportunity to buy their own e-gift card with the residual amount of your gift cards plus cash from regular debit or credit card. Such transactions are free of charge and used to help people get rid of their tiny balances on almost unused gift cards. Unfortunately, not all people aware of that possibility and simply don’t do anything. With e-gift card from Amazon you may use different options and buy various stuff you like.  And if you can put a way a bit of money then you can enjoy some fun on a great option like หวย and more.

For the ultimate gamers this is great opportunity to keep their membership for online gaming services like Xbox from Microsoft or just purchase games or programs. However, before starting doing this, it is always better to recheck whether your online service accepts that methods of payment and whether there are any restrictions of getting e-gift cards online.

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