Car Buying 101: How to Choose the Perfect Car Color


So, after a grueling slog through car buying tips, manufacturer’s guides, and countless reviews and breakdowns, you’ve finally landed on a make and model for your car. Congratulations! Now may feel like the time to make a purchase, hop in, and drive off into the sunset—but not so fast.

For most buyers, the car color will be one of the last decisions they make about their ride, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an impact. While over half of all cars sold are black, white, or grey, there’s a rainbow of shades available, which can make it tough to decide how to choose a car color.

If you’re wading through countless options, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a quick look at things to keep in mind as you select the perfect hue for your ride.

Stick With Your Favorite

If you find that a certain shade speaks to you, that’s the easiest way to make your decision! Choosing every detail of a vehicle can be very personal, and while the considerations below can help as well, here’s the bottom line: the best car color is the one that will make you happy for years to come.

Go Bold or Stay Neutral

If you haven’t fallen in love at first sight with a specific shade, it might help to decide whether you want to stand out or blend in.

Attention-grabbing shades like sporty reds can add some drama to your rise, especially when paired with the striking dark color of a FormulaOne tint. On the other hand, popular neutrals like white, gray, and silver are consistent favorites that blend in, which can make your car easy to resell.

Play It Safe

Though the color of your vehicle can’t save you from every car accident, it’s worth remembering that some cars are more visible than others. Light colors like white, silver, yellow, and orange offer high visibility, making them better suited to night driving than darker hues.

Get Comfortable

Depending on where you live, the climate might factor into your decision. In warmer regions, lighter-colored cars can help to reflect sunlight and keep your interior cool. In colder regions, darker shades will help warm up your ride instead.

Opt for Low Maintenance

Scratches and scrapes tend to be more visible on white or black cars, which means that you’ll have to treat them with care—or shell out to repair them often. The same is true of matte, metallic, or pearlescent finishes.

Find the Perfect Car Color

There’s no single right way to choose a new car color, and it’s important to keep your preferences and driving needs in mind as you make the choice. Whether you opt to stick to your favorite shade or play it safe with a resale-friendly neutral, make sure you’re choosing a color you’ll want to see for years to come!

Need more advice to help you through tough decisions like this one? Check out our other content for additional guides.


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