Car Parts that Keep Your Classic Car Safe


If you’re a car enthusiast or just simply love driving cars, you would know the feeling of excitement when you’re driving your favorite car. The open road and highways are your bloodline; the roaring engines make you feel alive. It actually doubles when you love classic cars. It’s a sure head-turner when you drive those old-timers down the street.  But considering all these things, it’s very clear that becoming a ‘legit’ car enthusiast is not easy as it may sound. You must be knowledgeable about all aspects of cars, including what to do after a minor car accident much more with those serious accidents you might get involved on the road. 

Classic Cars

Volkswagen Beetle, Mini, or Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, are only a few names amongst the bunch of classic cars you might see. Classic cars are a mix of both worlds; they look sleek yet have a touch of class in every piece. These cars have already defied the test of time – since auto shows are still being held for these cars. While classic cars are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, they are not the safest on the road. Obviously, being an old car, despite the maintenance made, it’s still an old car. It’s not the same shimmering car that it used to be and was not built for today’s roads.

Car Parts to Have

If you have a classic car or planning to own one, you must prepare some parts you’ll definitely need before you can start driving. Actually, even for modern cars, these must-have parts and accessories can be considered essential.

Fire Extinguisher:

Since cars are built with electrical wirings and fuel, the possibility of an electrical or chemical fire is existent. So having a portable fire extinguisher in your car is very much recommended.

Electrical Tape:

Wire trouble is somehow common with modern cars, so much so with classic old cars. You wouldn’t want to stop in the middle of the freeway due to wire troubles – so make sure to keep a roll of electrical tape. An additional tip, don’t ever use duct tape as a substitute for electrical tape. It could only worsen the damage if you don’t use the right tools.

Cleaning Rags:

A set of high-absorbent rags are also a must. If you ever need to make an emergency stop alongside the road, you can use the rags to keep those messy oil and grease at bay. You can also use the rags to remove any dirt or grime on your car.


Cleaning or doing repairs to your car could end up really messy. The oil and grease could easily get stuck in your finger and fingernails. Having pairs of latex or surgical gloves is also a must for any car. It could also help you get that grip on those pesky wirings.

Plastic Bags:

Disposing of those grease-covered rags and gloves could take some time since you might be in the middle of the road without proper trash bins. So you can use those old grocery bags you have under your sink are a temporary trash bag. It will avoid any unnecessary stains on your seat or car rag.


Having a set of toolkits in your car is always a must-have. Even if you are using a modern car, it would always be wise to have a toolkit ready. Your toolkit should have at least a screwdriver with different heads, pair of pliers, and an adjustable wrench for those bolts and nuts.

Spare Parts:

If you already have a classic car in your garage, it’s pretty obvious by now that having spare parts is essential. Vintage car parts are quite rare to find – unless you tuned it up with newer modern parts, you’ll definitely have a hard time looking for one. So, having spare parts available in your car is already a must.

Automotive Fluids:

This is also a vital part of any car owner. It can get quite frustrating if you dry those brake fluids in the middle of the road. Make sure to have at least a bottle of those essential auto fluids in your trunk.


Most car owners already lay down underneath their car just to fix a couple of things. With the grease and dirt, it could get really messy. So always prepare any spare blanket that you can lie on when doing some automotive works. 

Phone Charger:

Phones, for most of the time, had already become essential for anyone. Carrying a charger in your bag is not something new to us, but if you have a car, always make sure you have a phone charger that can be plugged into your car. For vintage cars, they don’t have those ready-to-use USB ports installed. Take note of your car specifications to get the proper accessories.

Car Maintenance

With all the items listed here being a must-have to any car owner, it will always be better to check your car before heading out. No one wants any accidents or frustration on the road, so having a well-maintained car is better than a well-equipped car. Check your car regularly, bring it to an auto shop to have it checked. Change necessary oils. If you know your car well, you have one less thing to worry about when driving. If you want to know how to maintain a classic car, check out our guide to maintaining vintage cars.

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